Marriage Counseling in Berkeley, CA

Welcome to Berkeley relationship counselors. As couples therapists in Berkeley and Oakland we specialize in helping couples like you navigate relationship challenges, helping you create a fulfilling, passionate relationship. Whether you’re just starting or have been together for many years, marriage counseling can support you in creating a closer connection, improving your communication, revitalizing your sexual life and much more.

Our qualified marriage counselors have ongoing training and expertise in couples therapy and marriage counseling approaches. Our experience shows that couples counseling can be very effective even in a short period of time. Too often we see coupes wait too long to see the help they need, so we encourage you to contact us today!

Security comes


Has your relationship been effected by infidelity or mistrust? Healing trust and rebuilding security is possible. Couples therapy can help you learn the steps to reconnect with your partner.

Communication is


Do you find yourselves saying the same things without ever feeling you’ve been heard? Berkeley marriage counselors can teach you tools to communicate in way that is both respectful and effective.

Intimacy can be


Overtime, many couples experience decline in their passion and intimacy. It doesn’t have to be this way. In marriage counseling we create a safe space in which you both can explore your needs.

Relationship is difficult, we are here to


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You can have the Relationship

You want

  • Relationship specialists:
    We help both individuals and couples improve their relationships.
  • Focused process:
    When you work with a specialist progress can happen quite fast.
  • Engaging and interactive: Within a warm, supportive environment we offer direct feedback on how you can make your relationship better.
  • Finding a good fit:
    It is important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist. We’ll do our best to find you the counselor who best fits your needs and situation.

Meet the


  • Christina Coto, marriage counselor in Berkeley CA
    Christina Coto, PsyD
    Dr. Coto is passionate about helping couples deepen their attachment bond and intimacy while developing effective communication skills. Warm, relational, empathic, and direct, she provides a safe setting to explore what isn’t working in the relationship while helping couples to successfully effect change and realize their full potential. Over many years, she has helped couples reconnect to the love that initially brought them together. Read More

    Christina Coto, PsyD
  • Bryan Newman, couples therapist in Berkeley
    Bryan Newman, MFT
    At the heart of Bryan's approach to couples counseling is a deep respect for the courage it can take for a couple to seek support. From his own experience, he knows that it can feel quite vulnerable for two partners to open up about the intimacy of their lives to another person. Bryan's warmth, directness, and present-centeredness help his clients feel a sense of safety and trust with him from the very first session. Read More

    Bryan Newman, MFT
  • Matt Foley, couples therapist in Berkeley
    Matt Foley, MFT
    Matt is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about helping couples rediscover the connection that brought them together. Whether it’s the first year for a couple or the first decade, Matt’s compassionate and direct approach allows his clients to feel comfortable exploring patterns and the deeper emotions that cause them. He’s particularly skilled... Read More

    Matt Foley, MFT
  • Danielle Saunders, couples therapist in Berkeley
    Danielle Saunders, MFT
    Danielle brings over 14 years of experience to couples counseling. Her unique approach incorporates communication skills and relational-somatic and mindfulness-based techniques. Danielle sees couples with a large range of issues, including reclaiming sexual passion, coparenting/blended families, and recovery from trauma/history of abuse. She is both practical and creative... Read More

    Danielle Saunders, MFT
  • Berkeley Marriage counseling
    Marriage counseling in Berkeley CA
    Our Berkeley couples therapy team include licensed marriage and family therapists who have an extensive experience and background in working with couples. All of our marriage counselors were chosen for their skills and expertise as well as passion for working with couples. They see clients in various locations in Berkeley and Oakland. Having a compassionate objective third party can be invaluable for your relationship. Our marriage counselors Berkeley can give you feedback and advice on how to improve communication, enhance your sexual connection and remember what brought you together in the first place!

    Marriage counseling Berkeley team

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    What to expect from marriage counseling Berkeley & Oakland?

    If you are doing couples therapy for the first time you probably have some questions about it. Here are some of the basics and links for further resources: When doing couples counseling you would meet with one of our Oakland or Berkeley marriage counselors once a week for 50-60 min session or sometimes every other week for 75-80min sessions. Most of the time the sessions will be together with you and your partner, but occasionally the therapist will meet with each one of your individually. The meetings will be in one of our Berkeley or Oakland counseling locations depending on the counselor assigned to you.

    In the first session the therapist will get some background information from you and will clarify your goals for working together. Once the goals are clarified the marriage counselor will work with both of you to identify the strengths of your relationship and how to build on them, and also the challenges you have and how to understand them. Every couple have one or few underlying patterns that cause most of their challenges. Once you identify them and know how to overcome them your relationship can become much easier to manage and a lot more intimate.

    If you have specific questions, our Berkeley marriage counselors and Oakland marriage counselors will be happy to have an initial phone consultation with you to go over them. For more information see what to expect from marriage counseling or our counseling FAQs.