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Online Premarital Counseling Workshop

By Love Made Simple

Build a strong foundation by learning the secrets to more passion, intimacy, and playfulness!

As you and your partner approach marriage or long-term commitment, the best way to prepare for your future together is by learning the tools and skills that form the foundation of a successful long-term relationship. A premarital counseling workshop can help you build that foundation by creating a safe space for you and your partner to attune to each others needs and align on your future together.

All couples start with a strong commitment to make their relationship successful, yet between 41%–50% of them will end up in a divorce. Without realizing it, most couples have unrealistic expectations about their marriage, fueled by myths and popular media. Moreover, most people don’t have good relationship role models, so despite their best intentions, they end up repeating unproductive patterns.

If you have found yourselves thinking about your future together, new conflicts and struggles may have surfaced. This might bring more anxiety and even doubt, but they are all normal parts of planning this big commitment.

You really love each other, and with the right skills and tools, you can have a successful relationship filled with passion, intimacy, spontaneity, and support.

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This premarital workshop is both fun and informative, as well as interactive and experimental. Though the workshop is virtual, you will have the opportunity to interact and share with other premarital and long-term couples at your discretion from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you will receive individual attention throughout the workshop during breakout sessions from a dedicated relationship expert – and Gal & Liron!


September 9th – 11th, 2022

December 2nd – 4th, 2022


$850 per couple
Scholarships are available to those with financial needs.

SCHEDULE (Pacific Standard Time)

Friday: 3 pm – 7 pm PCT
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm PCT

Each couple will receive individual attention throughout the workshop during breakout sessions.

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Led by a real couple.

Welcome! We’re Gal and a Liron, a married couple, parents, and business partners. It doesn’t get more real than that!

We are experienced couples counselors, event speakers and university teachers. We also teach other therapists how to use mindfulness and the body-mind connection in their work with couples.

After learning the hard way to overcome our own relationship challenges, we were inspired to leave our previous jobs in the tech world (Gal) and interior design world (Liron) to become therapists; from this, we eventually founded The Couples Center. Our vision is to help couples create passionate and deep relationships while learning how to enrich their personal lives.

We invite you to join a new way of being – a conscious one.

Prepare for you future, together.

Now’s the time to build a Love that Lasts.

In Love Made Simple Premarital Counseling Workshop, you’ll receive a map for creating a successful relationship, especially how to bring passion, intimacy, and ease to your love life. This is a hands-on workshop in which you’ll do practical exercises with your partner that are both fun and educational. Our approach is unique in that it brings the latest tools and methods in an experiential, enlivening, and engaging way.

Couples Workshop Building Together

We’ve combined scientific knowledge, best practices from different methods, and our extensive experience of working with hundreds of couples and then distilled it to practical tools such as The 2 Relationship Motivations, The 8 Basic Needs and The 7 Dimensions of Exceptional Relationships.

“I walked in unsure and walked out thinking that this kind of work should be required for any marriage. The weekend’s various activities were paced so that we had enough time to explore concepts with our partners then share with the large group if we wanted, but we managed to cover a vast number of them in a single weekend.”

– Amy L, San Francisco

Plus, you’ll learn the essential secrets of a long-term, passionate and successful relationship:

How to set powerful intentions that will help your relationship grow

What your partner really needs to feel loved—and how to give it to them

Ways to align around a common vision and values (money, kids, goals and more)

Practical communication tools for talking about the hard stuff

How to talk about in-laws and other touchy-subjects

The hidden needs beneath your fights

Real ways to maintain the spark (in just few minutes a day)

How to build (and sustain) passion and playfulness in your relationship!

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Here’s What We’ll Cover in our Love Made Simple Premarital Counseling Workshop:

Create a new paradigm of relationship.

Most of us learned about relationships from our parents, friends, and the media. But our thoughts and myths around relationship don’t serve us in creating a long-term, happy connection. In this premarital counseling workshop, we’ll show you what really works.

Understand the science of love: what we are (really) looking for and why.

Cutting-edge research on attachment—the science of love—is teaching us that there are simple yet powerful needs that we all bring to a relationship. These needs are the cause of our happiness, and also of our distress. Partners tend to have different styles of connection, and that leads to a lot of misunderstandings. At the workshop, you’ll discover your own style and gain insights that give you a map for successful relationships.

Align around common vision and values.

For a successful future, couples need to discuss and align around your most important life values and a shared vision of the future. Through guided discussions and helpful tips, you’ll clarify and connect around issues like money, kids, sex, life goals, and spirituality. Plus, because we know these topics are tough, our premarital counseling workshop will have assistants and therapists to help you when you get stuck!

Make your partner feel your love.

We’re all different. At times, we try to give love in the way that we want to receive it. The result: you find yourself in an “ok” relationship, rather than a ”butterflies in the stomach” relationship. In Love Made Simple, you’ll learn how to read (and respond to) your partner’s love language and preferences.

Find the key to communicating with ease.

The cause of your communication challenges isn’t what you think. While you might argue over many different things, when you get right down to it, there are only a few things that matter for each person. Once you discover what they are, you’ll know how to communicate with your partner and address the real issues.

Cultivate passion and sensuality.

Open your senses and discover more pleasure! Touch is a form of communication. Done with intention, presence, and playfulness, you’ll deepen your erotic connection and leave your partner begging for more! At our premarital counseling workshop, you’ll learn deceptively simple exercises to tap into the juice that nourishes your relationship!

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We are the #1 rated premarital counseling workshop on Yelp!


Watch some of our participants’ reviews below!

“We were incredibly blown away with how personal the workshop was… it really felt like we were all together despite it being a virtual environment… The workshop is geared towards every body… seeing couples at different points in their relationships added a lot of value for us. “

– Breakthrough to Love Premarital Workshop October 2020

“Coming out of the workshop, [we] felt well equipped to with a new framework to look at problems – whether it’s a fight, a vulnerability or a defense mechanism, we felt much better equipped to… deal with the symptoms of the problem and ask myself why am I feeling that, why am I acting this way… it was really powerful.”

– Breakthrough to Love Premarital Workshop

Read some of our reviews from Love Made Simple participants below!

Take this course! My fiancé and I attended the Love Made Simple workshop this past weekend and feel more in love, happier, and closer than we ever have before. Because of COVID, our weekend retreat was moved online. To be honest, we were skeptical a “Zoom” retreat would be as energetic, safe, and helpful. But, as soon as the workshop started, all our fears were calmed. Gal and Liron’s love and energy burst off the screen and the online setting felt intimate and comfortable.

Gal and Liron are loving and sensitive people; all participants were greeted with such warmth and kindness. They created an environment for couples to share, be vulnerable, and feel free of judgement. For us a huge highlight was being able to “break out” of the large group and speak 1 on 1 with a therapist. Each therapist we worked with was zoned in; they truly wanted to help and, most of all, they gave my fiancé and me the encouragement and tools to “really” say how we were feeling in a safe way.

On Sunday night, after the workshop had ended, my fiancé and I were laying together. He quietly said to me “I really liked this weekend.” I was touched because he is a stoic man who so rarely accesses his feelings. I said “You did? Why?” And he said “I feel like I know “how” I can be better to you now. I have tools and now I don’t feel completely lost on how I can be there for you.” It absolutely warmed my heart and I have The Couples Center to thank.

If you want a tune up, are struggling, are about to get married, or have been married for many years TAKE THIS COURSE. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


My husband and I have been married almost 17 years. We are not in conflict, but realized that we were not as close as we were when we first married. Life, kids, jobs, all of that gets in the way, sometimes…At first we thought we would try to have weekly counseling sessions with Gal and Liron, but the timing was impossible! My husband and I couldn’t even find one hour a week to meet consistently with counselors. It is hard to find that time! But then we heard about the Love Made Simple two day workshop that they hold in Mill Valley. It is pretty intense, and it isn’t cheap up front. HOWEVER it is worth every penny. If we had been doing traditional counseling, it would have taken us months and much much much more money to get to where we got at the end of two days in this seminar.

I also need to add that my husband and I were worried that it would be a very touchy feely, woo woo, share your feelings kind of thing, and were kind of dreading all of the prolonged eye gazing, mushy talk that we were pretty sure we would have to share in a group setting. It wasn’t like that at all. All sharing was done one on one with each other. It was very private. The only time we heard other peoples’ stories was  when they chose to share them. And those times were very powerful. So if you are worried that it will be some sort of 12 step program meeting…it isn’t. Not at all!

If you are on the fence about this class, or want to do couples counseling, but just can’t find the time – I highly recommend it. Both my husband and I found it immensely helpful.

Fall More In Love With Your Partner, Natalie C.

I’ve known my husband for 16 years yet I still discovered so much about him during the couples workshop. I wish we discovered this workshop and the tools Gal and Liron provided to us sooner in our relationship. But I am forever grateful for discovering and participating in one recently.

To be honest, I was timid in writing a public review because it will reveal we needed help. But I felt I owed it to Gal and Liron and to any couples needing a bit of help to really consider their “couples retreat.” It has been amazing! I can’t thank Gal and Liron enough for what they are teaching and providing to couples everywhere.

Gal and Liron’s idea of a “couples” school is definitely what all communities, societies, and cultures need. In school and many educational workshops, we are constantly trained on how to do a better job at work or enhance our careers.

Life Changing!, Lily, V.

We just finished the class and I can’t even explain how much my husband and I have learned about one another. Going into this experience I had no idea what to expect or what our issue was but I knew we needed help. A little background… my husband and I met in rehab and to say the least we have been thru hell and back and against all odds stuck by each other’s side through the worst of times. We have an amazing connection but are awful at communicating.

The material provided along with the many hands on exercises really opened my eyes to where we were losing each other. Learning that how I express and receive love is different than how my husband, which made so much sense.

We got down to the real reason why we were arguing and what it was that the other needed.
The instructors were amazing and really took the time to guide us. Even though it was a group setting we got individual sessions with the instructors and professional therapists. It was crazy to think that we have been operating in this relationship without the manual!

I would highly recommend this workshop for new comers, old timers and everyone in between. Even if you are living your happily ever after there is no way you should wing this thing called love with out learning the language.

Thank you so much Gal and Liron we are looking forward to the next workshop in October!!!

To Explain My Experience in One Word: WOW!, Danielle, J.

This was a life-changing workshop. My wife and I knew we need help in communicating and better understanding each other. The intensive all weekend workshop by The Couples Center was *exactly* what we needed to move our relationship forward. My biggest take away was understanding that self-awareness is absolutely critical in ensuring proper communication with my partner; no more blaming, no more arguments, instead we are now committed to communicating genuinely, without blame, while keeping in mind how much we care about each other.

Highly recommended for any couple, not just the ones having problems, I think even healthy relationships could benefit from the tools one could learn from the workshop.

The Couples Center Knew Exactly What We Needed, M.Y.

Being vulnerable and admitting you need help, especially with matters of the heart, is a huge risk. Factor in that you’ll be feeling those emotions in a room full of strangers makes it incredibly intimidating.

My partner and I have been going through a very rough time. On the verge of splitting up for some time now. He had a lot of anxiety about attending this workshop with me and we at the last minute almost didn’t go. But we both found it to be incredibly impactful, insightful, profound, and quite honestly, has given our relationship new life.  It was a perfect combination of science-based analogies and conflict strategies delivered in a very digestible and pared down way, combined with helpful breathing and meditation exercises, combined with exercises that may push you to an uncomfortable place, but all the while there are incredible and supportive  therapists in the room there to help you through each and every challenge.

Gal and Liron have clearly put a lot of thought, time, and care into the curriculum of the workshop and it shows. They are living proof of their own practice and it’s inspiring.

Don’t second guess it.  Just do it.  When is the last time you devoted an entire weekend to the health of your relationship?  It’s worth every penny and then some.

Thank you, Couples Center.  We’ll see you at phase II.

Don't Second Guess It! Just Do It!, J.H.

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The total cost for the workshop is $850 per couple, which includes:

Access to our Mini-Course – taken over 2,000 times!

1-on-1 Attention from Relationship Experts + Gal and Liron

Continued support from Gal and Liron with a post-workshop follow up!


This workshop is for good for all couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and whether you’re in a monogamous or consensual non-monogamous relationship. The advice and tools shared can be applied to committed relationships of all kinds.


September 9th – 11th, 2022

December 2nd – 4th, 2022


$850 per couple
Scholarships are available to those with financial needs.

SCHEDULE (Pacific Standard Time)

Friday: 3 pm – 7 pm PCT

Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm PCT

Each couple will receive individual attention throughout the workshop during breakout sessions.

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Common FAQs

Can I come to the workshop alone if I can’t convince my partner to attend?2019-05-30T20:17:10+00:00

The workshop is focused on doing exercises with your partner – so, unfortunately, coming by yourself will not work. However, if you have a good friend that would like to come with you and you can see yourselves practicing some exercises together, that could be possible.

Is this workshop LGBTQIA+ friendly? Or just for straight couples?2019-05-30T20:16:22+00:00

Absolutely. This workshop is intended to all couples—heterosexual, gay, lesbian, queer, or others. It also addresses both monogamous and nonmonogamous couples!

Can we attend the workshop if we are already separated or in the process of divorce?2019-05-30T20:15:13+00:00

If you can come with an intention to learn about yourself and your relationship patterns, then the answer is yes. The tools you learn might serve you in this relationship or in a future one.

Is there an “appropriate” age-range for the workshop?2019-05-30T20:14:16+00:00

We welcome adult couples of all ages to our events. Our past events have had couples ranging from 25 to 70. Love can be celebrated at any age!

Can we attend if we aren’t married?2019-05-30T20:13:32+00:00

Yes. Our workshop is appropriate for people in committed long-term relationships, married or not.

What is the cancellation policy?2020-12-14T23:14:37+00:00

All workshop payments are final. If you can’t make the workshop, you can transfer to another date or give your ticket to someone else up to two weeks from the date. It’s only If you change within 2 weeks of the workshop, you will be charged an additional $75. Workshops can only be moved one time.

What form of payments do you take?2019-05-31T01:46:49+00:00

We only accept Credit Card, Debit Card or HSA via debit card. We are able to send you an invoice if you are unable to pay in person under certain circumstances.

We are kind of private. Do we have to share things with everyone?2019-05-30T22:17:00+00:00

The workshop is completely private. You only share what you want with your assigned therapy assistant.

Will this workshop help us with our communication problems?2019-05-30T22:18:53+00:00

Yes! Communication problems is the number one challenge couples face, and the workshop is focused on helping you get perspectives and tools to improve it.

What if we don’t have any major problems? Is this workshop still for us?2019-05-30T22:19:34+00:00

Absolutely! You don’t have to have problems to work on your relationship. In fact, it’s better to do that when you’re not having problems. We are focused on you connecting with your partner, having fun, and building skills.

What’s the difference between this workshop and your premarital workshop?2019-05-30T22:48:28+00:00

Whether you’re dating, recently married, or have been together for years, you need to learn these fun and effective tools. So, during the first day and a half of this workshop, you’ll all be together. During the last half day, we split the group. With premarital couples, we’ll explore specifics such as planning your future together, talking about money, and other related topics. With married couples or couples who have been together for a while, we’ll review and deepen your skills around communication, sensuality, and play.

How can I convince my partner to attend this workshop?2020-07-10T15:50:09+00:00

Ask your partner what would they like to have “more of” or “less of” in your relationship. Don’t argue with them, just invite them to consider that this workshop might help them in achieving that. You can also check in about their concerns or questions, and have them contact us so we can address them directly. Finally, you can show them this web page!

How many couples attend your workshops?2019-05-30T22:52:48+00:00

Our workshops vary in size, but we make sure that every couple feels that they have individual attention and support. Your positive experience is important to us!

Where is the workshop located?2020-07-10T15:51:42+00:00

The workshop is virtual, so you can make a date weekend out of it if you life – or just stay in the comfort of your own home!

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