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Divorce and Separation

The Gifts of Relationship

All of those relationships have prepared me for where I am now and helped me to be in a beautiful, growth-oriented and loving relationship.When a relationship ends, we can experience significant loss and grief in the absence of love, connection and companionship. Feeling the pain of being left or leaving [...]

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5 Changes to Make Now if You’re Having an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair, even without sex, can be just as detrimental to your relationship’s safety and future. The foundation of a successful partnership is trust—and a betrayal of that trust can derail even the closest relationship. While such betrayals often come in the form of physical affairs, an emotional [...]

Are you heading towards a divorce? Lessons from couples research

Marriage is a commitment that involves dedicated work and effort to keeping the relationship alive and healthy. According to John Gottman, a well-known couples therapist who has spent years studying marriages, there are clear signs that marriages are beginning to fail and might be heading towards divorce. Being aware of these predictors helps partners [...]

How to Know When Your Relationship is in Trouble

In all relationships there are ebbs and flows; times when you feel closer and times when you feel more distant. You may go through periods when things are going well, and then find yourselves stuck in conflicts and misunderstandings. Below are three significant indicators that your relationship is in trouble. [...]

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