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Relationship Videos

Rekindle the Spark in Your Relationship

The reason that many of us lose the spark starts with the nature of relationships themselves: They’re always changing. You’re not alone if you wake up one morning and find that the romance is gone in your relationship. One of the most common questions I [...]

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The Best Way to Build a Great Relationship (video)

How can we make sure that we have a love that lasts a lifetime? There are 3 common factors in all successful relationships that allow couples to maintain a happy, sensual bond regardless of fights, arguments and disagreements: 1. ARE you there for me? [...]

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How Body Language Affects Your Love Life (video)

In some ways, our nonverbal communication is more powerful than our words.Though many couples think that what they say is the most important thing for their partner, Gal Szekely discusses why the delivery of what you're saying is more important than the verbal message itself.The delivery is non-verbal communication, [...]

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How to Make Your Love Last (video)

Every day, you want to make your partner feel like you're there for them. Whether you've been married for thirty years or three months, for many people there comes a time when their marriage is not as blissful as when it started. Often it looks like this: the [...]

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Couples counseling FAQ

After having spent years working with hundreds of couples, we know that couples counseling really works. We also know however that when they are considering couples therapy a great many people have concerns and questions they would like answered first. Therefore we would like to address [...]

3 reasons why getting married is stressful

Most people think about being engaged and getting married as a happy time, a time in which they finally get to settle down and be secure that they have found someone to love them. And in many ways it is, but there are aspects of the engagement stage leading [...]