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Marriage Counseling, Sex Therapy, and Individual Relationship Support

Our staff specializes in marriage therapy, couples counseling and sex therapy. Our couples counselors and sex therapists understand that the stakes are high and you want change right now, so we focus on practical tools and effective results.

Plus, we know Relationship Therapy is not just for couples! Your current and past relationships play a crucial role in the challenges you face in life as well as your happiness and satisfaction. Our relationship experts provide individual psychotherapy to help you resolve past issues, find a partner or change relationship patterns on your own.

Psychotherapy for Everyone – We do not discriminate.

We honor diversity and strive to make our services accessible to everyone regardless of gender, race or class. We work with people from diverse cultural background, LGTBQ+ individuals and couples, traditional or non-traditional couples. We offer affordable sliding scale therapy to people with financial need. We even offer scholarships for our workshops!

Couples Retreats and Premarital Counseling Workshops

San Francisco Bay Area

Two days of hands-on, playful relationship exploration for you and your partner.

In the midst of your busy life, when was the last time you invested in yourself and your relationship? We offer various programs that are designed to help you take time away, pause, reflect, reconnect and celebrate your love.

Whether you have been together for over 20 years or are looking to secure your future together, our couples retreat and premarital workshop have something to offer you. Faster than traditional couples therapy, workshops are designed to make great transformations within the weekend.

I believe the weekend was the best push for my partner and I. We were able to name patterns and styles we were somewhat aware of and others we never even put together. Doing that, allow for some relief and vulnerability, which was what we ultimately needed. The frame allows for you to learn the “why” before practicing the “how”. Which allows for so much more awareness around how you communicate and connect to one another.

– F, 2019 Love Made Simple Participant from San Francisco


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