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Awareness and Personal Growth

How Does Trust Work?

Lately, I’ve been putting focused attention on Trust… what it means, how it feels to receive it from someone, from myself. We use this word all the time, usually when we are talking about betrayal, less often when we are referring to ourselves.

Reflections of a Couples Therapist

Every individual enters romantic relationships with a unique set of ideas and values based on their family systems, cultural norms, spiritual traditions, and past experiences. In many relationships, these remain unspoken, leading to disappointments, misunderstandings, and betrayals.

The Gifts of Relationship

When a relationship ends, we can experience significant loss and grief in the absence of love, connection and companionship. Feeling the pain of being left or leaving something that’s seriously not working, we can get stuck in the sorrow, disappointment, broken promises and abandoned dreams of a “Happily Ever After.”

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