How Does Trust Work?

Lately, I’ve been putting focused attention on Trust... what it means, how it feels to receive it from someone, from myself. We use this word all the time, usually when we are talking about betrayal, less often when we are referring to ourselves. When it comes to being in [...]

Reflections of a Couples Therapist

Every week, I sit with a dozen diverse couples, each in a unique expression of intimate partnership. Every couple chooses a slightly different container, a different set of boundaries, expectations, and commitments. Every individual enters romantic relationships with a unique set of ideas and values based on their family [...]

HeartMath: Couples Therapy Embraces Cutting Edge Technology

Here's the bottom line: HeartMath technology reflects how the heart responds to stress. Conflict in relationship causes untold heartache and pain. According to the World Health Organization, the number one killer in the world is heart disease. It’s no great surprise to know that stress is one of the [...]

The Gifts of Relationship

All of those relationships have prepared me for where I am now and helped me to be in a beautiful, growth-oriented and loving relationship.When a relationship ends, we can experience significant loss and grief in the absence of love, connection and companionship. Feeling the pain of being left or leaving [...]

Preparing for Couples Therapy

Couples can allow logistics, work schedules, children, money, and an array of obstacles get in the way of supporting their precious relationship. For most of us, going to couples therapy is a big deal. Couples therapy is quite different from individual therapy in that choosing a topic involves two [...]

“Falling” in Love, or “Landing” in Love?

With an endless variety of potential 'perfect fits,' how do we know when to stop? We live in a very stimulating era—everything seems to be immediate, instantaneous, and accessible. Whatever we desire is out there and within our reach, as long as we have a few seconds and a [...]

Appreciating Your Partner Starts Here and Now

It is such an important need to see and be seen. “To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” —Anonymous I’ve often heard the words “I miss you” or “I can't wait to see you” when I travel. Who hasn’t [...]

Why Opening to Vulnerability Improves Relationship

When we are vulnerable with each other, our emotional load lightens. When we step back and take a deeper look at what we are seeking in intimate partnership, many of us find a desire for acceptance, support, and connection. Yet many couples get stuck in painful cycles with each [...]

What are you *really* communicating during sex?

To get a better sense of the meaning sex has in your relationship, you have to expand your lens of curiosity wider than the sex act itself. When you and your partner have sex, what are you communicating to each other? Imagine, for instance, that you could see a [...]

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