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Getting to Know TCC Couples Therapist: Evelyn Natalya

As we continue letting you into the personal lives of our couples therapists, we are gracefully learning about and truly appreciating the vulnerability and kindness each therapist exempts during this interview process. This month, I am excited to interview Evelyn Natalya, LMFT. Evelyn has been with The Couples Center [...]

Why Self-Care is so Important for Longevity and Wellness

Why does it seem easier to take care of everything else and everyone else of yourself? We often don’t think twice about taking on that meeting, signing the kids up for another thing, or ditching the gym for a conference call. The excuses, justification, and reasons become second nature, and [...]

Four Ways to be More Mindful During the Holidays

As we approach the peak of the holiday season, we can take a moment to be thankful for another year and time well spent with our loved ones. The holidays come with wonderful opportunities to slow down and enjoy moments with your family, but they often can come at the [...]

How Much is Too Much Cuddling?

Whether you are mid scoff wondering "who this wacky therapist is claiming negative impacts of cuddling," or the other type, scanning your week to pinpoint all the potentially “too-much” cuddling you may have done, let's pause. Allow me to pull the release valve: cuddles are allowed, abound, and wonderful. Let's [...]

A Short Guide to Better Understanding Open Relationships

I often wonder what ideas and thoughts come to mind when someone hears the words “open relationship.” I’ve asked around, casually, and I have heard a spectrum of replies. There have been judgmental statements, such as: “clearly they aren’t happy,” and “why would anyone do that, it’s disgusting and that’s [...]

How to Feel More In Love With Your Partner

We know how good it feels to be in love.  Remember the first months with your partner where you couldn’t get enough of them? You likely spent many hours of the day remembering moments with them or wondering about them. Most of us have experienced or heard that the ‘in love’ period [...]

How to Support a Partner Through a Traumatic Event

Has your partner recently suffered a traumatic event? Are you trying to help them cope while learning to cope with the pain yourself? When we are in a relationship, and a traumatic or difficult situation happens to our partners or to us, this can be very tedious and delicate to work [...]

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