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What’s Your Love Language?

All 5 Love Languages communicate the exact same thing: “I love you. I care about you. You matter to me.”Turns out there are more languages than English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. There are also The Love Languages, five very different ways to communicate your love to your partner (or child, [...]

The Conflict-Avoidant Couple

We usually think that couples break up when they have too much conflict. But being 'conflict-avoidant' could be just as damaging. If you’re not fighting with your partner you might be in trouble. Most people think that not fighting is a good thing. After all, who actually wants to [...]

“Falling” in Love, or “Landing” in Love?

With an endless variety of potential 'perfect fits,' how do we know when to stop? We live in a very stimulating era—everything seems to be immediate, instantaneous, and accessible. Whatever we desire is out there and within our reach, as long as we have a few seconds and a [...]

Appreciating Your Partner Starts Here and Now

It is such an important need to see and be seen. “To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” —Anonymous I’ve often heard the words “I miss you” or “I can't wait to see you” when I travel. Who hasn’t [...]

Why Opening to Vulnerability Improves Relationship

When we are vulnerable with each other, our emotional load lightens. When we step back and take a deeper look at what we are seeking in intimate partnership, many of us find a desire for acceptance, support, and connection. Yet many couples get stuck in painful cycles with each [...]

How an “Abundance Mindset” Can Bring You Closer

“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.” —Anonymous One of the most common sources of miscommunication and tension in relationships is a transactional mindset. This can look like “I do more than you,” “I earn more than you,” “My work is more stressful [...]

How to Accept Your Partner (Without Giving Up Your Power)

True acceptance is always done in a way that maintains your integrity.The desire for acceptance—and the lack thereof—is a prevalent theme in relationships.It can appear in an angry “Just accept it!” It can sound pleading, as in “Why won’t you just accept me the way I am?” There’s also pseudo-acceptance, [...]

How Body Language Affects Your Love Life (video)

In some ways, our nonverbal communication is more powerful than our words.Though many couples think that what they say is the most important thing for their partner, Gal Szekely discusses why the delivery of what you're saying is more important than the verbal message itself.The delivery is non-verbal communication, [...]

How to Make Your Love Last (video)

Every day, you want to make your partner feel like you're there for them. Whether you've been married for thirty years or three months, for many people there comes a time when their marriage is not as blissful as when it started. Often it looks like this: the [...]

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