Relationship as a Sacred Path

We’re all here to grow and learn through our relationships. Living from love is the basis for many spiritual traditions. Relationships can serve as a spiritual practice and a vehicle for living more consciously, with more awareness of our actions (and how they affect others). More than just your [...]

How Infertility Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

This is the perfect time to work on being your best self in your relationship. Are you and your partner experiencing fertility issues? You’re not alone. Nearly one in six U.S. couples has trouble conceiving. As a marriage counselor, I often work with people struggling with fertility and, unfortunately, [...]

How to Love, part 1: The Dance’s Most Essential Step

By turning your attention to the other’s experience, love happens.“How to love?” This ambitious question has been asked as far back in history as our collective beating hearts began. The experience of love, of course, defies description and is so profound that our greatest philosophers and spiritual traditions often regard [...]

Men: Want Better Sex? Foreplay Starts Today

She needs to know your affection doesn't always have an agenda. Guys, you know how in the beginning of a relationship, there's a magical feeling between you and your lady? You feel close to each other, and passion is always in the air. She's really into you, too—and ordinary [...]

Beyond Sex: The Bigger Erotic Picture

The benefits of being erotic…allow for a deeper and more meaningful experience all around. If you Google “sex,” you’ll get a range of pages aimed at improving your sex life through the use of vitamins, exercises, better techniques, and tips on how to make the experience more pleasurable. You’ll [...]

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Relationship

You don't have to sit on a cushion for 10 days to learn to be mindful. I first heard about meditation when I was 23 and traveling in India. As someone who had been interested in personal growth since my teen years (trying to understand my relationship drama, of [...]

3 Paths to a Hotter Sex Life

Improving your sex life means focusing on more than just the physical. Has your sex life dwindled from a hot, steamy affair to a lukewarm, occasional romp in the bedroom? You’re not alone; many couples worry that their relationship is losing its original flair when the physical fun begins [...]

Client success story: Show me you’re listening

Note: This post is part of a series of true stories of clients who came to The Couples Center for marriage counseling. Identifying information has been changed to protect their privacy. After a hard year dealing with a health issue, a woman and her partner, both in their late [...]

How to stop fighting over money, forever!

In a recent marriage counseling session, a couple Andy and Dina came in visibly stressed. When I asked them what happened Andy said that they were fighting over money. "We are spending too much money recently and need to cut back but she doesn't want to," he said. "Well, we've been [...]

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