Why Fighting Over Who’s Right Is the Wrong Approach

Connection happens when both of you are able to receive what the other is actually saying or experiencing in the present moment. When are we projecting versus connecting with our partners? When you and your partner argue, do you find yourselves fighting over who is right and who is [...]

3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Arguing with Your Partner

Ideally, a good, productive argument leaves both parties feeling more understood and closer. If you’re in a relationship and you have a pulse, you’re going to have disagreements with your partner. It’s inevitable. And, in my opinion, it is perfectly healthy to disagree, and even argue, with your partner [...]

How Infertility Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

This is the perfect time to work on being your best self in your relationship. Are you and your partner experiencing fertility issues? You’re not alone. Nearly one in six U.S. couples has trouble conceiving. As a marriage counselor, I often work with people struggling with fertility and, unfortunately, [...]

5 Changes to Make Now if You’re Having an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair, even without sex, can be just as detrimental to your relationship’s safety and future. The foundation of a successful partnership is trust—and a betrayal of that trust can derail even the closest relationship. While such betrayals often come in the form of physical affairs, an emotional [...]

Who’s Really to Blame When You Fight?

Emotions that function to defend or fight against a perceived threat sabotage productive communication. So, who's to really blame when you fight? Ever had the experience of being in the middle of a fight with your partner, hearing the strong words coming out of your mouth, and suddenly not [...]

A Couple’s Guide to Menstruation Challenges

The more we accept this process as natural and healing, the more we embellish our beings. For some couples, “menstruation time” can be a real challenge. Symptoms such as severe cramping, throbbing headaches, bloating, distressing mood swings, or heightened sensitivity to environment and people can all occur. A little [...]

3 Paths to a Hotter Sex Life

Improving your sex life means focusing on more than just the physical. Has your sex life dwindled from a hot, steamy affair to a lukewarm, occasional romp in the bedroom? You’re not alone; many couples worry that their relationship is losing its original flair when the physical fun begins [...]

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