We’re all here to grow and learn through our relationships.

Living from love is the basis for many spiritual traditions. Relationships can serve as a spiritual practice and a vehicle for living more consciously, with more awareness of our actions (and how they affect others). More than just your partnership, the path is about how you are in relationship with yourself, others, the world, and God or spirit.

When we don’t live from a loving set of core values or intentions, we can easily get blown about in the wind, without guidance or direction. Minor irritations get the best of us and we lose our sense of control, connectedness, and meaning. Whether you lose your temper or act unconsciously from hurt and aggression, little by little you get diminished, and your relationships suffer.

When we choose to view relationship as a sacred path, we remember that we have a choice about what we create, and that we can be guided by love instead of fear or irritation. We also begin to more quickly see when we’re off track, and we find it easier to come back.

So what does it look like?