The approach at The Couples Center is warm, practical, and focused on specific, attainable results. We design a short-term process based on your needs and goals. All of the therapists at the Couples Center specialize in working with couples, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In couples counseling, the therapist never takes sides. Instead, she or he acts as an objective third party, ensuring that both partners find and express what is right for them. Your therapist will work with you both to identify some of the patterns that are getting you stuck in your relationship; then, they will help to change those patterns. In this way, we assist couples in building deeper levels of interaction, communication, and connection.

We do not tell couples whether they should stay together or not. Instead, we clarify what is right for each person and empower both of them to create change in their own relationship. To understand more sign up on the right and watch our video, “From Conflict to Connection.”