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I’m sure you’ve heard many times that date nights are important for relationships. Yet you probably still don’t have one that often. (As parents of a 2-year-old, even Liron and I can have trouble finding time for date nights.)

You’re probably also well aware of the obvious reasons why date night is important – it fosters communication, increases feelings of intimacy, decreases the chances of taking each other for granted, decreases stress, and builds attachment.

As critical as each of these obvious reasons are, you’re not alone in not prioritizing date night. Why? Because we are too busy to fit even one more thing into their schedules. Because we already take our spouse or marriage for granted. Because we prioritize our children and/or work above their relationship.

If you and your mate are one of the couples who haven’t yet embraced spending regular, focused time together, here are 5 subtle and research-based reasons why date night is important for you to seriously consider:

Note: the research was done on heterosexual couples only, so we’ll refer in the data to husbands and wives, but it can probably be generalized to all types of couples.