I want to ask you a question: in your daily life, how much time you do you actually spend with your partner? Not just being around him / her but actually spending quality time with them, connecting with them? And now compare this to the amount of time you used to spend with them in the first year of your relationship, when you were just dating.In the midst of our busy life, it is really easy to take our partner for granted and miss the opportunity to actually connect with them. This is very true when you have kids. Over time it’s really easy to become more like roommates, living together, than lovers. Even worse, when we don’t feel connected conflicts can escalate easily, and we can get caught in the blame game.  So, it’s important in our daily life to find ways to really connect with our partner. It doesn’t have to take much time.

There are actually important moments during the day that you can use in order to create a better connection with your partner: