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Nikki Humes, LMFT

Are you having a hard time getting along with your partner? Maybe you two haven’t had sex in a while, are bickering all the time, or one or both partners seem to have given up in some way. There may be infidelity, codependency, or disagreements that never seem to get worked out. Having an unbiased mediator and someone outside of the relationship can be extremely helpful to identify where the harmful patterns begin, where changes can be made that facilitate better relating and newfound (or rediscovered) closeness.

I can help couples to communicate better, connect on a deeper level, and work out small (or large) “bumps in the road”. Perhaps you and your partner could benefit from an experienced spaceholder in order to talk about things you may not have been able to say to each other before. My greatest joy is to be helpful to couples in reconnecting relationally, emotionally, or physically. Whatever your particular issue may be, I urge you to contact me to schedule an appointment. I welcome all types of couples and partnerships including non-traditional relationship structures.

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