Here’s the bottom line: HeartMath technology reflects how the heart responds to stress.

Conflict in relationship causes untold heartache and pain. According to the World Health Organization, the number one killer in the world is heart disease. It’s no great surprise to know that stress is one of the main contributors to this condition.

However, HeathMath Technology has come up with state of the art technology to help us have a different relationship with our hearts.

Couples therapy is very dynamic and fast moving; things can be addressed in the room and skills can be practiced on a weekly basis. The work is often very interactive between the therapist and couple and this encourages growth and development.

Whether the couple is always fighting or a cool frost has developed between them, couples need to learn skills to manage their fears and anxiety around communication.

When I introduce HeartMath, couples are extremely intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the results they see. HeartMath essentially monitors “heart variability and heart coherence” (a direct indication of how much stress a person is under.) HeartMath has been very successful in helping people manage their stress and life balance.