How does therapy help change things?

The first element to creating change is insight. Most of the time, our life is being governed by unconscious patterns. Therapy helps us become conscious of our limiting patterns and with that new awareness, we have the freedom to choose different behaviors. The second element is having new experiences. [...]

Why do couples go to couples counseling?

Relationships can be the most important and satisfying part of our life, as well as the most challenging. If you are feeling stuck in your relationship, or if you are not sure about whether your relationship is going to work out but would like to give it a try, then [...]

Why do individuals go to relationship counseling?

Many people are in a relationship but feel stuck around certain issues—like communication, anger, sex, commitment, power, intimacy, and many more. Others would like to have a long-term, satisfying relationship but find themselves being attracted to a partner who doesn’t work for them. Counseling can help you navigate toward a [...]

What happens in the first meeting?

In the first meeting, we will gather more details about each one of you and about you as a couple. We will discuss what you feel are the biggest challenges in your relationship and how these challenges came about. We will also explore what it is you want to get [...]

How do I find the right therapist for me?

In choosing a therapist, there are two important factors: firstly that the therapist specializes in the area in which you want to work, and secondly that you feel comfortable on a personal level with that therapist.All of the therapists at The Couples Center specialize in working with couples doing couples counseling [...]

How long is a therapy session? How often do we go?

Therapy is usually done on a weekly basis - occasionally biweekly - for a 50-minute to 75-minute session. We usually begin by meeting on a weekly basis and, as we progress, the sessions are spaced out to give you time to absorb and practice. In terms of duration, every person [...]

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