Are you at the breaking point in your relationship? If you’re grappling with the idea of divorce or a breakup, discernment counseling may be right for you and your partner.

Discernment counseling is designed specifically for couples who are considering a divorce or a breakup. This type of counseling helps couples decide whether they should separate or continue to stay together. It’s built for a situation where one person is seriously considering ending the relationship. This person is referred to as the one “leaning out”. The other person who wants to work on the issues of the relationship is the one “leaning in”.

With discernment counseling, the therapist assists the couple in understanding the current status of the relationship and where it is headed in the future. The goal is for the couple to come to a mutual decision on whether they want to break up or work on the relationship. Discernment counseling is a briefer type of counseling with fewer sessions than other types of counseling.