Make your relationship more important than the issue.

What’s the most common reason partners struggle in their relationship? If you’re like most couples, it’s the lack of communication skills. Whether you’re arguing over chores or fighting about finances, the ways you and your partner talk (and listen) to each other during disagreements is even more important than the topics that trigger them.

Gal Szekely, founder of The Couples Center, recently appeared on the I Do Podcast to discuss premarital communication.

While new couples tend to view disagreements as a potential red flag—possibly leading them to wonder if they chose the right partner—this is actually normal in a relationship.

Most of us didn’t learn the necessary skills for navigating this crucial component of marriage—but because it is so important to your relationship’s well-being, it’s also one of the most effective ways to improve it.

Tune in to Gal’s podcast to learn:

  • How your family upbringing influences your communication today
  • Two different communication styles, two different solutions
  • Why you don’t need to compromise during a dispute
  • What to ask yourself when you’re in the middle of an argument
  • What to do when you’re questioning your partner’s intentions
  • The four essentials of a successful relationship
  • One single piece of advice for creating a lasting marriage


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