A Short Guide for Affair Recovery

  If you discover that your partner is having an affair, does it mean that the relationship is over? For many couples, the belief is that discovering an affair means the relationship is over. However, it depends on the reasons for the affair, and the current communication style within [...]

Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) For Couples

Here is the basic idea behind Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples: underneath your fights with your partner there is a desire to feel secure in your love. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is a popular approach to couples therapy that has been validated in research. EFT helps [...]

What are you *really* communicating during sex?

To get a better sense of the meaning sex has in your relationship, you have to expand your lens of curiosity wider than the sex act itself. When you and your partner have sex, what are you communicating to each other? Imagine, for instance, that you could see a [...]

Why Fighting Over Who’s Right Is the Wrong Approach

Connection happens when both of you are able to receive what the other is actually saying or experiencing in the present moment. When are we projecting versus connecting with our partners? When you and your partner argue, do you find yourselves fighting over who is right and who is [...]

How an “Abundance Mindset” Can Bring You Closer

“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.” —Anonymous One of the most common sources of miscommunication and tension in relationships is a transactional mindset. This can look like “I do more than you,” “I earn more than you,” “My work is more stressful [...]

How to Accept Your Partner (Without Giving Up Your Power)

True acceptance is always done in a way that maintains your integrity.The desire for acceptance—and the lack thereof—is a prevalent theme in relationships.It can appear in an angry “Just accept it!” It can sound pleading, as in “Why won’t you just accept me the way I am?” There’s also pseudo-acceptance, [...]

Relationship as a Sacred Path

We’re all here to grow and learn through our relationships. Living from love is the basis for many spiritual traditions. Relationships can serve as a spiritual practice and a vehicle for living more consciously, with more awareness of our actions (and how they affect others). More than just your [...]

How to Love, part 1: The Dance’s Most Essential Step

By turning your attention to the other’s experience, love happens.“How to love?” This ambitious question has been asked as far back in history as our collective beating hearts began. The experience of love, of course, defies description and is so profound that our greatest philosophers and spiritual traditions often regard [...]

5 Changes to Make Now if You’re Having an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair, even without sex, can be just as detrimental to your relationship’s safety and future. The foundation of a successful partnership is trust—and a betrayal of that trust can derail even the closest relationship. While such betrayals often come in the form of physical affairs, an emotional [...]

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