How to stop fighting over money, forever!

In a recent marriage counseling session, a couple Andy and Dina came in visibly stressed. When I asked them what happened Andy said that they were fighting over money. "We are spending too much money recently and need to cut back but she doesn't want to," he said. "Well, we've been [...]

Why Do We Fight – Conflict is like an Iceberg

Many people think that a good relationship has no conflict and that if they argue with their partner than there is something wrong with it, but in fact conflict is an important part of any relationship! Moreover, it’s unavoidable – since any two people have different backgrounds, opinions and [...]

4 tips to turn arguments into conversations

In every relationship, conflict is inevitable. Learning how to move through conflict is one of the most important communication skill you can acquire to strengthen your relationship. Oftentimes, simply stepping back from the argument to hear what the other person is saying can diffuse the disagreement, opening it into [...]

How to stop the blame game

Gal Szekely, founder of The Couples Center was interviewed about how to stop the blame game with your partner. For the original article click here. Do you frequently play the blame game with your spouse? Would you like to stop the blame game but are unsure on how to [...]

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