How to Love, Part 2: Why COAL in your Holiday Stocking Is Good News

Having curiosity and openness allows you to see what’s really going on for your partner. In my previous article, I introduced the key step that masters of “the dance” of loving relationship sum up as turning toward. In part two of this series, l invite you to consider what this might look lik

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Why You and Your Partner Have Different Versions of Your Last Fight

Our emotions are a result of our interpretations of a situation, not the situation itself. Jack and Betty come to their second couples counseling session obviously tense. "So what happened?" I ask. Jack sighs and Betty says, "You were so mean to me last night! You were angry and raised your voice a

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5 Changes to Make Now if You’re Having an Emotional Affair

The Couples Center - 5 Changes to Make Now if You're Having an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair, even without sex, can be just as detrimental to your relationship’s safety and future. The foundation of a successful partnership is trust—and a betrayal of that trust can derail even the closest relationship. While such betrayals often come in the form of physical affairs,

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