Who is the private couples retreat right for?

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A private couples retreat is a special dedicated time for your partner and you, to help you reach your goals. Having extended time together, working on your relationship, can be an opportunity to connect and bring about effective results.

There are many reasons couples seek out private couples retreat. Here are a few common ones:


Overcome communication issues: Communication issues are bewildering. It can feel like no matter what you do, things just get lost in translation. Many times couple think, “how will we get over all these unresolved issues?” The good news is that you don’t have to resolve all the issues, just the underlying pattern that causes them. A private couples retreat is a powerful, focused time to identify this pattern and develop tools to overcome it.

Rebuild trust after an affair: Recovering from an affair can feel painful and sometimes hopeless. A private couples retreat can help you hone in and do the necessary healing work to get back to closeness. Affairs are painful, yet putting the pieces back together can actually inspire you to create new possibilities for a close and intimate relationship.

Prepare for your future together – premarital counseling: If you’re preparing to tie the knot, or more informally planning for the long haul, then premarital counseling, in a retreat setting, can help your partner and you get on the same page. There are so many things to plan for and think about – from kids to finances, to homes and everything in-between – and some couples make the mistake of not preparing. Premarital counseling provides a safe place to align around your future relationship and learn skills to maintaining a passionate marriage.

Improve intimacy and connection: Many couples experience their intimacy and connection diminishing over time. Having dedicated time in a couples retreat is the best setting to reconnect and reignite passion. The combination of time-off in a beautiful environment and focused exercises and discussions can bring you to a new level of understanding intimacy.

Decide about staying together: Deciding whether or not to stay together is such a fraught and difficult experience. A private couples retreat can give you the tools to understand the next step in your relationship. Whatever you decide, having a safe place to explore the options is essential.

Explore life’s transitions together: Big changes in your life are likely to affect your relationship. Whether it’s becoming new parents or an empty nester, it is important to set collective intentions and understand the impact of these changes on each person. Learn how to support each other and continue growing together in the face of change.

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