Relationship Videos

Communication and Cultural Differences

Cultural differences affect the way we view fundamental relationship issues like communication, conflict, family roles and personal space. This video illustrates the profound differences between cultures using HBO's TV series "In Treatment". In Treatment was originally created in Israel and later reproduced in the United States. By comparing the [...]

Limiting Beliefs – The Stories that Block Us

I want to share with you in this article a question I have been curious about for years: What makes a difference in people’s quality of life? And more than that, can we find something that actually affects multiple areas of our lives - our relationships, our career and [...]

How to Prevent Fights from Escalating

We all have certain issues or topics that really trigger us. Sometimes it's just our partner's tone of voice or the subtle (or not so subtle) way they look at us. When we get upset or angry we usually try to talk about it with our partner; we try to [...]

Why Do We Fight – Conflict is like an Iceberg

Many people think that a good relationship has no conflict and that if they argue with their partner than there is something wrong with it, but in fact conflict is an important part of any relationship! Moreover, it’s unavoidable – since any two people have different backgrounds, opinions and [...]

Do you Speak your Partner’s Love Language?

Have you ever had that “you don't really love me” conversation with your partner? It goes something like this: “You don't really love me.” “What do you mean? I just spent the whole weekend planning your birthday party!” “Yes, but you never said you loved me. And I barely saw [...]

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