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Dr. Valerie Sher, Psychologist, LMFT

Valerie, a licensed psychologist and Adjunct Professor at Sofia University and JFKU, has been a long-time practitioner and activist in the development of healthy relationships, sexuality, and embodiment. She uses a non-judgmental mindfulness-based approach in cultivating self-inquiry and growth and greater mind/body well-being. She sees her work as a spiritual practice in her offering and cultivation of presence, courage, and compassion to allow others to more safely explore and change blocks to loving and relating more fully and effectively.

Valerie uses difficult life experiences as an opportunity for learning and change and works to help people move past shame and blame, resentment, and other defensive responses in order to restore respect, empathy, and trust. By creating a safe environment one can explore triggers and the pain that underlies them and cultivate awareness of ineffective systems and patterns of relating, tend to past wounds and emotional pain, identify needs and longings, and have more opportunity to experience intimacy, vulnerability, and connection.  By helping to build on personal strengths while appreciating differences, developing new skills for emotional regulation, communication, assertiveness, and problem solving, Valerie helps people to have more joyful and rewarding relationships.

Valerie earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) and has extensive training in childhood attachment, trauma, relationships, love, intimacy, sexuality, communication, assertiveness, boundary setting, and creative problem solving. Her training in Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Psychoanalytic and Jungian depth work, CBT and DBT, process therapy, movement and drama therapy, philosophy and wisdom practices, and the expressive arts help to deepen awareness, cultivate authentic and healthy expression, and facilitate transformation and growth.

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