Secrets to Successful Relationships

Secrets of Successful Relationships

Thanks for signing up! We’re excited to support your growth as a couple with valuable tools, support, and resources designed to help you build a love that lasts. In the meantime, check out this selection of our best content you and your partner can start using today:

Build intimacy with your Love Account
  • Understand what a “love account” is, and its importance to a successful relationship
  • Learn to balance “deposits” and “withdrawals” with your partner
  • Find ways to make consistent, mutual investments that count
  • Gain practical tools for keeping your love account full
Learn two essential Communication Skills
  • Discover the two most important communication skills for a healthy relationship
  • Get step-by-step guidance for applying these skills
  • Know how your feelings influence your behavior (and learn to discuss them honestly)
  • Learn how to really listen to your partner and reduce the confusion that leads to conflict
Move from conflict to Connection
  • Identify the two destructive relationship patterns that get couples into trouble
  • Learn five steps to overcoming conflict and creating lasting connection
  • Stop arguing over the small stuff, once and for all
  • Understand how couples counseling can help bolster your relationship
Check out our new 7 Dimensions Love Questionnaire

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  • Learn about the 7 Dimensions that create an exceptional relationship
  • Test yourself to find out your strengths as a couple
  • Get insight regrading potential growth areas for you and your partner

It needs to work for YOU

While these tips are a great start, every couple is different—and talking about your relationship in couples therapy can help you improve your connection right away. Our counselors will start by understanding your goals and aspirations, and then help you identify what you can do as a couple to have a fulfilling partnership.