Date Night: Rediscovering Desire

Rediscovering Desire: Connecting Hearts, 

Unleashing Passion

Expand your ability to experience pleasure

Are you in a long-term relationship and have lost some of the desire to connect intimately?
Are you so stressed out that it has become hard to tap into your passion?
Are your responsibilities taking a toll on your relationship, and you are too exhausted to connect?

Intimacy is such a crucial part of relationships. It’s one of the juicy things we enjoy when we first get involved with our partner. As human beings, we yearn to be in connection, to be in touch with pleasure, passion, and desire.

In Rediscovering Desire, a Date Night from The Couples Center, hosts – Sachar Erez and Dalia Perez – will provide a space and tools for your partner and you to deepen intimacy, cultivate passion, and reconnect to the liveliness of desire.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 17, 6:30 – 9pm
LOCATION: Aquarian Heart Center: 4920 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
COST: $70 per couple through 10/4; $100 per couple after (attendees must come with a partner; limited scholarships available)


What you will gain from this workshop:

  • A better understanding and ability to tune in to your partner, and connect deeper with each other
  • Heightened awareness of senses that will expand your ability to experience pleasure and desire
  • Deeper connection with your body
  • Knowing how to tap into your desire
  • Maintaining a prolonged relationship with what brings you pleasure
  • A better understanding of how men and women are socialized around sex, and how this plays into your relationship with your partner
  • How to overcome blocks to intimacy, passion, and desire

What to expect:

  • A small group of couples
  • Fully clothed
  • Some touch with your partner
  • Experiential practices, only with your partner. Some speaking in a group (not mandatory)
  • Maintaining a prolonged relationship with what brings you pleasure
  • 2.5 hours of intimacy and fun!


About the facilitators:

Dalia Perez, MA, Sex and Relationship Coach, is passionate about helping people feel liberated in their expression of sexuality. Her inspiring approach incorporates creative exercises that help her clients deepen intimacy and transform relationship dynamics that couples often get stuck in. With care and good humor, she guides couples to rediscover their connection, ignite creativity and passion with each other, and deepen intimacy. Dalia gets inspired by connecting people to their fullest, uninhibited sexual selves, and releasing the shame that often exists for us around our sexuality.

Shachar Erez, MA, MFTi Integral Psychotherapy, loves helping couples connect and be intimate with each other. Intimacy to him is much more than sex, and he encourages couples he works with to create moments of intimacy in their everyday life. He finds that many couples these days need help in creating the healthy masculine/feminine polarity that increases passion and attraction, and loves coaching men and women how to be more present, shine, and let their Soul come through.