San Francisco Marriage Counseling


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Are you tired of:

Having the same arguments over and over again?

Feeling more like roommates than lovers?

Trying to recover from an affair?

Why Marriage Counseling

You might also be thinking that having such difficulties is a sign that you are not supposed to stay together.

In fact, most relationships go through hard times! It is an inevitable part of going through predictable relationship stages.

You have already invested so much in your relationship. What if you don’t have to break up? What if working on these challenges can actually bring you closer together?
No matter how difficult things are,

There could be a way back to love!

Marriage Counseling Approach

Most couples get into trouble because they never learned the tools and skills necessary for creating a long term relationship successful.

Our approach to couples counseling is warm, interactive and practical. Our marriage counselors have advanced training in couples counseling and use the latest development in couple’s research. We focus on short term results and work together to give you the best support possible.

Using a structured process and proven tools…

We teach couples how to:

  • stop fights from escalating
  • Identify and change the underlying patterns that cause them
  • Reconnect to the lovethey share with each other.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling
Through our work together, you can learn how to:

  • Build respect and trust for each other
  • Communicate with clarity and honesty
  • Turn disagreements into opportunities for growth
  • Have a satisfying sex life
  • Collaborate as a team together

We are Here to Help!
Most couples wait too long before they ask for the help that they desparately need. If you are looking at this page, chances are that it’s time for you to take action


Marriage Counseling Testimonials

“Our marriage of 13 years was deteriorating. We were continuously fighting and angry at each other. We weren’t talking – we were screaming. From best friends we were turning into enemies. We started discussing a separation but thought we should give it one more shot.

Our therapist had exceptional sensitivity and ability to understand the real feelings and intentions that we weren’t expressing correctly. He helped us understand the internal dynamics of our relationship and pin-point areas where we were miscommunicating and misunderstanding each other. He helped us identify negative relationship cycles and break them.

It took some work, but we are in a much better place today. We know how to control arguments and prevent them from escalating out of control. We learned to communicate in a positive, supportive way which makes us both feel better. We actually enjoy each other’s company again!
Most importantly, we have the tools to maintain, and continue growing, a healthy and positive relationship!”
A.T. & C.T.

“My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. We love each other very much, but there were issues that we couldn’t seem to resolve on our own because we didn’t have unbiased views or the tools to moderate arguments/disputes. We realized we needed professional help to get through some difficult issues that we were going through.

We never intended to fight or hurt each other. But when we fought, our counselor provided a safe place for us to voice our feelings and listen to each other. He helped us explore the root cause of our arguments. During the process not only have I learned so much about my partner, I’ve learned a lot about myself and the origins to why I react to different situations. We found new appreciation for each other, learned to communicate better and most important of all how to handle an argument…”
W.C. & M. E.