Love Made Simple Workshop Reviews: Repairing Relationships

Being vulnerable and admitting you need help, especially with matters of the heart, is a huge risk. Factor in that you’ll be feeling those emotions in a room full of strangers makes it incredibly intimidating.

Funnily enough, the Love Made Simple workshop was referred to me by my ex-husband and his new wife, both of whom I trust implicitly. I think people (like me) conjure up a lot of Kumbaya and ‘let’s hug it out’ moments with couples therapy, but this truly wasn’t the case at all.

My partner and I have been going through a very rough time – on the verge of splitting up for some time now. He had a lot of anxiety about attending this workshop with me and we at the last minute almost didn’t go. But we both found it to be incredibly impactful, insightful, profound, and quite honestly, has given our relationship new life. It was a perfect combination of science-based analogies and conflict strategies delivered in a very digestible and pared down way, combined with helpful breathing and meditation exercises, combined with exercises that may push you to an uncomfortable place, but all the while there are incredible and supportive therapists in the room there to help you through each and every challenge.

Gal and Liron have clearly put a lot of thought, time, and care into the curriculum of the workshop and it shows. They are living proof of their own practice and it’s inspiring.

Don’t second guess it. Just do it. When is the last time you devoted an entire weekend to the health of your relationship? It’s worth every penny and then some.

Thank you, Couples Center. We’ll see you at phase II.

– Julie H, Petaluma, CA

The Couples Center

This workshop should be mandatory for any couple regardless of their perceived state of happiness. I cannot think of a circumstance where this wouldn’t be incredibly useful for any couple interested in enriching their relationship and themselves.

For me, it was frankly transformative. The night before I was full of anxiety and nearly canceled. My partner and I argued about my state of mind. Two days later I felt like an entirely different human being. The toxins had been sucked from our relationship and we had a completely clean slate to build from again. Better still, we were both equipped, finally, with practical tools and knowledge to prevent our relationship ever getting in such a state again. I cannot over-emphasize the sheer magnitude of the transformation. My brain feels completely re-wired and I am full of optimism and joy again (and not just in the context of my relationship). It helped completely re-set my outlook on life after decades of damage caused by trauma. Trust me, these guys know what they’re doing and speak from experience.

– M.W. Petaluma, CA –  Couples Workshop

This course saved our marriage! That is not hyperbole. We both wanted the same things but just could not figure out how to really communicate that to each other. This course not only gave us the tools to do that, but also provided insight and understanding as to why we had so much difficulty.

My only regret is that we did not do this a long time ago (we’ve been married for 10 years). I have already recommended the course to a friend and I hope to pass it on to many others. My advice to anyone is don’t wait until your relationship has reached a crisis like ours did; get the tools and insights provided in the course so your relationship never reaches that point.

I’m so grateful we took a chance (perhaps our last) to see if we could make things work together. We left feeling like we had a true opportunity to start over, and in a way begin our relationship for the first time.

Thank you Gal, Liron, and all the assistants for your work and support.

– Jason D., SF

After six years together, my husband and I knew that we loved each other deeply, but were mutually considering ending our relationship, because we couldn’t get out of the vicious cycle of blame and bickering. Both of us had previous marriages end in divorce, and were heartsick and depressed about the current state of our marriage. Thankfully we discovered the Couple’s Center, and their workshop “Love Made Simple.”

Having experienced disappointing couples counseling in my previous relationship, I was very doubtful that a two-day “couples workshop” would make much of a difference. The thought of actually participating in an intensive couple’s seminar was terrifying and off-putting at first. The facilitators of the seminar, Liron and Gal are themselves are an impressive couple; both are couple’s counselors and therapists. Not only do they bring professional competence, but they also share their own experiences, and viewpoints, of their relationship challenges and evolution. They are warm and generous in their approach, and it is clear that they are sincere in their dedication to providing assistance and support to the couples.

The workshop has many other assistant therapists at the ready, to work with each pair as they go through the exercises, facilitating difficult discussions or just offering additional support as needed. Liron and Gal provide a secular, intentionally inclusive, science-based environment that is respectful and welcoming to all couples; married or not, heterosexual or same-sex, from any culture or background. Everything about this workshop exceeded my expectations. It is impossible for me to articulate my gratitude or surprise of how much these two days improved our very fragile relationship.

Ultimately, the unexpected gift for me was a deeper understanding of myself, and how I show up in my relationship. In the end, my husband and I ended the very intense weekend with a renewed commitment and connection, a tremendous sense of relief, and the belief that “we’ve got this!” I would recommend this workshop to every couple, no matter where you are in the relationship, it is both time and money well-spent. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner! 

-Hillary J, Berkeley

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