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Gal and Liron – thank you! We did not even know how much we needed the knowledge you shared with us. Though our 7-year marriage has brought us the best years of our lives, we had created built some walls around topics that were challenging for us to communicate about. The workshop really helped us get at the roots of our tension, and we have emerged with a stronger love and greater appreciation for each other. We are both excited to continue using these new approaches in our relationship going forward. I am even using what I learned to mend some broken relationships with my extended family! Lastly, I just want to tell everyone that though you can expect some emotional rollercoasters, I think you will not be able resist enjoying the whole experience. Gal and Liron are so approachable, and so engaging and effective in their communication, that you would want to sign up for a full semester course with them if it was available.

– Metodi Z. San Francisco, CA

The Couples Center

We went to the most recent weekend seminar that Gal and Liron hosted in Mill Valley. It was truly rewarding, time and money well spent! These two open up to you with examples from their own struggles and successes and give experiential and concrete examples. You really feel like you can open up with them; they are as far from cold and clinical as you can get. The topics they cover are universal for most any couple, and they deal with themes that can apply to any relationship.

They are not judgmental or stereotypical or hetero normative, so whatever your coupling is, you will be able to get exactly what you’re looking for to bond and connect better with your partner. We feel like we broke through the few issues we were looking to deal with, and figure out what is underneath it all. We have better coping mechanisms now and scripts for dealing with disagreements. We also feel like we have a plan for the future, and like we have discussed those key issues people planning a life together must cover to build toward success. Their assistants are amazing as well, helping couples dialogue though the exercises. They deal with serious stuff but also get sensual and fun and even silly too. We would recommend them to anyone! Whether you are in a great relationship like us and want to get better or you have some real road blocks, this couple will help you get back on the road to success.

– Kristin L. San Diego, CA-  Couples Workshop

A dear friend recommended The Love Made Simple retreat weekend with Gal and Liron, and I’m so glad we listened to her! We NEEDED this weekend. The weekend covered the fundamentals of healthy relating and created a container to delve deeper and have conversations we normally do not have on our own. We needed this and feel renewed in our connection to our shared values as well as recognizing more clearly the areas we need to tend and grow as a couple. The support and guidance provided by the therapist team was a helpful component in the overall experience. My sweetie and I left with some real nuggets of insight that I can already see the fruits of in our day to day interactions. We definitely feel more connected which was our mutual goal. I highly recommend this experience.

– S.E., San Francisco, CA

My partner and I attended Gal and Liron’s Love Made Simple workshop this past weekend. We thought we were doing pretty well, so we wondered how this workshop could help us. 

I walked in unsure and walked out thinking that this kind of work should be required for any marriage. The weekend’s various activities were paced so that we had enough time to explore concepts with our partners then share with the large group if we wanted, but we managed to cover a vast number of them in a single weekend. Gal and Liron, as well as other therapists from the Center, facilitated when we needed but also let us talk through issues on our own.

I uncovered more about my partner, myself, and our relationship than I thought possible in one weekend. I’d definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking for premarital or long-term relationship counseling.

-Amy L. Berkeley, CA

My partner and I went to just a few sessions with Gal and then did the love made simple couples weekend. We’ve been through A LOT in 3 short years and needed some serious help navigating it all. The work we did with them helped us find a deeper closeness through conflict. We’ve learned how to have fights that make us closer and we know each other a lot better now. The work they do is both experiential and reflective; fun and creative. It’s also very open-minded and individually-oriented; we have our own personal tools now that we have brought home.

It’s something we will do again and highly recommend to anyone, even if you are really not into going to therapy, because it is so much more than that.
This is a crazy world where it’s hard to survive as a family or a couple. These people provide the space and support that is lacking in our system that every one so deeply needs.

We can’t express enough gratitude!

-Bess C. Oakland, CA

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