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My husband and I have been married almost 17 years. We are not in conflict, but realized that we were not as close as we were when we first married. Life, kids, jobs, all of that gets in the way, sometimes…At first we thought we would try to have weekly counseling sessions with Gal and Liron, but the timing was impossible! My husband and I couldn’t even find one hour a week to meet consistently with counselors. It is hard to find that time! But then we heard about the Love Made Simple two day workshop that they hold in Mill Valley. It is pretty intense, and it isn’t cheap up front. HOWEVER it is worth every penny. If we had been doing traditional counseling, it would have taken us months and much much much more money to get to where we got at the end of two days in this seminar. 

Gal and Liron touched on many important topics that are sometimes hard to bring up. But we were always supported, and given words and techniques to use, to make it easier. There were so many breakthroughs in the class. My husband and I came out of the experience amazed by how much closer we felt, and how much stronger we felt to move forward. The leaders of the class were warm and funny and easy to follow, and shared many personal stories to underscore the points they were making. They are both psychotherapists and they also had about five therapists on hand, to help move around the room and listen to couples (with their permission) and help out in tough spots. Some were trained in trauma, in case something underlying might surface. It all felt very safe and supportive.

I also need to add that my husband and I were worried that it would be a very touchy feely, woo woo, share your feelings kind of thing, and were kind of dreading all of the prolonged eye gazing, mushy talk that we were pretty sure we would have to share in a group setting. It wasn’t like that at all. All sharing was done one on one with each other. It was very private. The only time we heard other peoples’ stories was  when they chose to share them. And those times were very powerful. So if you are worried that it will be some sort of 12 step program meeting…it isn’t. Not at all! 

If you are on the fence about this class, or want to do couples counseling, but just can’t find the time – I highly recommend it. Both my husband and I found it immensely helpful.

– Natalie C. Berkeley, CA

The Couples Center

My husband and I just attended the “Love Made Simple” workshop and found it to be everything we were hoping for, plus more. As busy working parents, we were hoping for an experience and concrete tools that would help us feel closer and more connected. We were a little hesitant about committing the time and dollars for this, but could not be happier with our decision. I honestly think this should be a required workshop for any couple in a committed relationship. The retreat helped us better understand ourselves and each other, and included individualized time with the certified practitioners, practical tools for improving communication and intimacy, and a fun, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

During the intensive two days, the workshop had a perfect balance of lessons/discussion and individual exercises and reflection. We would do this over in a heartbeat (and might at some point as a refresher!). Gal and Liron are amazing–warm, insightful, respectful, and I especially loved how they made everyone feel welcome through sharing their own specific struggles and tools. We both left the workshop feeling closer than we ever have, more confident and knowledgeable about our own patterns and needs, and with very practical and useful tools for continuing our growth. 

– Ashley Z., CA –  Couples Workshop

So, my wife and I just left from Gal and Liron couples therapy session and I can not stress enough how eye opening, their class was! Its Sunday night and I’m floating on the clouds right now!!! I can not remember the last time I was that vulnerable with my wife and it felt so liberating finally after 8 years of being together we have found a solid line of communication!

Thank u!! Gal and Liron for starting this class I feel like it’s a new start to our marriage – we finally understand where each other are coming from. The class was so good we are attending another one on the 20th of October, because we feel this is only the beginning can’t wait for what the future holds for us. I seriously cannot thank you guys enough! Oh yeah, I almost forgot… last, but not least shot out to my boy, Ralphie, an assistant there who truly help me break down my wall and become vulnerable!! Thank you for real and this group is for everyone of all ages! If it counts, I’m 35, and there were people there younger than I. I wish everyone would take this class it sure would cut down our devastating divorce rate for sure. I’m telling all my friends and family about my excellent experience and recommend them all to attend

– Kyle V., SF

It has been 6 weeks since my husband and I attended Liron and Gal’s “Love Made Simple” workshop. I still have too many superlatives I want to use to describe this retreat. The curriculum is beautifully thought out. For me, this retreat was an introduction to attachment theory and nonviolent communication that helped me better understand and strengthen our partnership. It seemed like every exercise gave at least one of us, if not both of us an “ah-ha” moment. Almost every conversation we have had since the workshop has been positively influenced by something we learned and then utilized from the retreat. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that our lives have been changed by what we learned in those two days. Our patterns of communication have been disrupted and we are learning to use our new tools and insights to heal and love ever more deeply. It was a big weekend. I wish we had done this workshop at the beginning of our relationship and then taken it again every 3-5 years over the last 18 years. One of the best investments of time and money I have ever spent.

-Katie R., Berkeley

My wife and I have been together for over 13 years and raise a special needs child. We still managed to learn so much from this weekend’s workshop! Gal and Liron were so knowledgeable and very passionate about helping other couples have successful relationships.

They actually had advice on what to do in certain situations (rather than a couples counselor just mediating a relationship). The workshop was very organized. They had a carefully designed program that incorporated all aspects of ANY type of relationship. They also had MFT therapists readily available to assist in the exercises to whoever needed help (That was a HUGE bonus because some of the exercises could be very difficult to do on your own).

Coming out of the workshop, we now understand each other so much more and have the tools to strengthen our relationship and stop us from staying in the “negative cycle”.

Thank you Gal and Liron for being part of our journey! We look forward in the online continuing course to further maintain our long term relationship.

– A.W. Lafayette, CA

My husband and I attended the Love Made Simple workshop and enjoyed it so very much. We loved the framework, exercises, teachings and individual attention from the therapists in the room. I loved that you can go as deep as you want–couples at all levels of relationship and experience were the room. My husband and I have been together 19 years and have done a lot of workshops and personal work and were overjoyed with how much we feel more connected, loving and compassionate with each other. We also learned about dynamics and patterns that no longer serve us and are finding our way out. Thank you for a powerful two days! We highly recommend it!

– Amy A. Oakland, CA

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