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Debbie Mobley, LMFT

We, humans, are complicated beings! And when we come together in romantic relationships it can be challenging to navigate that complexity together. Into our relationships, we bring with us all of our emotional baggage from the past and all of our defenses we’ve developed that we hope will protect us from getting hurt. But it is most often those defenses that get in the way of creating a deeper connection with our partners and prevent us from having the loving and intimate relationship that we long for.

Conflict is inevitable in all relationships, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, when we know how to navigate conflict in a healthy and compassionate way, working through our conflicts can actually deepen our connection, increase intimacy and make our relationships stronger. Or maybe conflict isn’t the problem. Perhaps you’re simply feeling misunderstood, unfulfilled or alone and lonely in your relationship. Whatever it is, you are not alone. Sometimes we just need help identifying what is keeping us stuck, what our unhealthy patterns are or figuring out what is keeping us from showing up as our authentic selves in our relationship.

I earned my Masters degree in Integral Psychology Counseling from California Institute of Integral Studies and hold a BA in Journalism from the University of Oregon. Prior to becoming a therapist, I spent many years working in the advertising industry, as well as practicing and teaching Vinyasa yoga.

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