The 7 Dimensions of Relationship Quiz

How’s your relationship doing? How do you know when you’re in a good relationship? And better yet, what does it even mean to be in a good relationship? And when things aren’t feeling right, how do you figure out what’s not working?

Our culture is full of myths and falsehoods about what makes a truly successful partnership. After researching the best couples therapy theories and practices and, more importantly, working with hundreds of couples, The Couples Center founder Gal Szekely came to realize that every relationship has 7 dimensions (so you can say it’s not just 3D, but 7D!) and great relationships score high on most of these dimensions. The quiz will teach you about these dimensions and will help you identify your strengths and growth areas as a couple.

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More information about the 7 Dimensions of Relationships:

Many couples have a feeling—or sometimes just a vague hunch—that they can have more. That even if their relationship is good, there’s more that’s possible for them. But they don’t know how to get there. Understanding these seven dimensions can help guide you on the road to a truly satisfying relationship (and life!).

In both our premarital and long-term relationship workshops, we teach specific skills and tools for working on all of these dimensions:

Commitment: The foundation of a great relationship is commitment. Making your partner a priority, and making sure they feel secure and know that you are there for them, creates the environment for love and intimacy and allows them to feel free to be themselves.

Intimacy: We get together because we want to feel connected. Intimacy is created through understanding your partner deeply, showing affection on a daily basis, and sharing yourself unfiltered.

Autonomy: How many times have you heard the phrase, “You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself”? If there are obstacles to your own aliveness, happiness, and satisfaction, they will interrupt your relationship. You are most alive when you take a leadership role in your life and full responsibility for your relationship.

Communication: Commitment, intimacy, and aliveness are the foundations for good communication. Yet if you really want your communication to be seamless, you need to learn specific skills for resolving conflict, sharing your truth with your partner in a way that works, and speaking and listening from your heart.

Passion: Most couples experience passion in the beginning of their relationship but don’t know how to continue cultivating it. This dimension is about opening to pleasure, sensuality, playfulness, embodiment, and sexual energy.

Teamwork: As a couple you manage many different aspects of your life together—your house, money, kids, and spending time with friends and family, just to name a few. Just like a sports team or an organizational team, you need to learn how to work well together.

Growth & spirituality: How do you create a life that is meaningful? A life worth living? Your relationship can be your most valuable asset for this. It’s the best way to learn about yourself, to heal past wounds, to open up to the other and the world, and to share a common purpose.

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