Sliding scale Therapy

Sliding scale therapy in San Francisco, CA

A way for you to…
Find the reduced-fee individual therapy you need at a sliding scale therapy rate.

Now you can get expert couples counseling that fits your budget so you get the help you need.

Effective counseling at an Affordable Rate

If you and your partner need couples counseling, but you also need to be budget-conscious, or you’re an individual wanting to take a deeper look at your relationship challenges, but you can’t afford a full fee, we can help. At The Couples Center we understand, and we offer sliding-scale therapy for people in need.

Working on your relationship issues, whether individually or in couples therapy, can ultimately deepen your sense of passion, intimacy, communication, and overall life satisfaction. Limited financial resources shouldn’t prohibit you from taking this crucial step forward.

Based on therapist availability, you may choose from our full roster of relationship experts, including our growing list of seasoned therapist interns, who are happy to support you at a reduced hourly rate.

Remove the blocks to a satisfying relationship

Whether you’re looking for a partner or having difficulties in your current relationship, you might be experiencing some of these issues:

  • Attracting the same type of partner again and again
  • Having hard time being open or showing affection to your partner
  • Not being able to overcome hurt, anger, or mistrust in your relationship
  • Having difficulties in making a long-term commitment

Through our work together in counseling, you can learn how to:

  • Understand what you really want and need from a relationship
  • Communicate with clarity and honesty
  • Turn disagreements into opportunities for growth
  • Have a deeply satisfying sex life
  • Shift the patterns that keep you from finding true intimacy
We’re here to Help!

Many people wait too long before they ask for the help that they deserve—don’t let your budget keep you from taking action. Our sliding-scale therapists in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto will work with you to navigate your challenges and help you create a fulfilling, successful relationship.

Take a step to change your relationship…