Make your Relationship Last a Lifetime : Two-Day Premarital Workshop

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Date: Contact us regarding dates
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: San Francisco area
Investment: $447 for early registration (per couple)
$497 for regular entry (per couple)

Are you Seriously Dating, planning to Get Married or Recently Married?
The best way to prepare for your future together is by learning the tools and skills that form the foundation of a successful long-term relationship.

3 Facts that most couples don’t know when they get married


A relationship goes through
predictable stages

And it is inevitable for couples to go through a period of conflict and disagreement. The more prepared you are as a couple the easier it is to navigate this phase.


A successful relationship requires
certain skills and knowledge

Just like in your career, your relationship requires that you learn certain skilis and knowledge.


It’s important to be aligned around
important life values

For a successful future, couples need to discuss and align around important life values and vision of the future.

Relationships are Challenging

All couples begin with a strong commitment to making their relationship successful. Yet 41%-50% of them end up in a divorce – in fact, one in every four adults in the US has been divorced at least once!

Without realizing it, most couples have unrealistic expectations about their marriage fueled by myths and popular media. Moreover, many of us don’t have good role models for relationship and despite our best intentions we end up repeating old patterns.

Additionally, while preparing to get married, conflicts and struggles may surface that couples may never have encountered previously.

Prepare for your life Together

In this workshop you will learn the necessary tools to make your love last. We will help you build your strengths and resources as a couple and will teach you how to avoid the common mistakes made by most couples. Through this process copules gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other and of relationships in general.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • Daily practices to improve your connection with your partner
  • Important communication skills to help navigate even the hardest issues
  • How to maintain a passionate relationship over time
  • How to avoid two destructive patterns that cause relationship issues
  • How to clarify your vision and values as a couple
Learn how small changes can make Big Differences

Through working with hundreds of couples we have identified the essential skills and knowledge that every couple planning to have a life together should know. The workshop is practical and experiential – in every segment you will learn new information, practice it immediately and will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.

Compared to one-on-one premarital counseling, this workshop has twice the amount of time at almost half the cost and is led by Gal Szekely, founder of The Couples Center. The workshop allows a concentrated learning environment where being with other couples enhances your own experience. We respect your privacy – you don’t have to share anything in the group if you don’t want to.

For an optimal learning environment we only take a small number of couples per workshop, so register today.

Ready to invest in your future?

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About the Facilitator
gal Founder of the couples enter, Gal has dedicated himself to helping individuals and couples create thriving relationships. Integrating many methods of relationships counseling Gal has developed a style of work that is simple, straight forward and effective.Gal is a licensed psychotherapist, and a teacher in the Hakomi experiential psychotherapy method. He teaches other therapists how to apply methods that get to the heart of the matter and create change in a faster and more effective way. Gal holds two masters degrees in psychology and is an experienced speaker and workshop leader.In a recent psychotherapy conference his presentation was rated the best opening talk in 10 years.
4 areas of Relationship

workshop topics in more detail

  • Understanding relationship patterns and challenges – what are the stages of relationship, what are we looking for in relationship, what contributes to marriage success, what are the destructive patterns and how to recognize the red flags.
  • Transforming conflict – how to identify the real causes for conflict in relationship (hint, it’s usually not the issue that we argue about), be able to communicate about them directly, and through that to be able to talk about anything with ease.
  • Deepening connection – simple steps to build your “relationship bank account” so you both feel appreciated and valued and closer with your partner, why many couples experience decline in their desire and passion and how to maintain a passionate intimacy over time.
  • Vision & values – how to align around important life values like money, roles, spirituality, sex, family and children and more.
Premarital Counseling Testimonials

Wonderful opportunity to connect with my partner
– Sarah Bower
The premarital counseling workshop is a wonderful opportunity to connect with my partner and understand our relationship better. Gal is a fantastic facilitator. He listened to us carefully and offered useful tools, guidance and emotional support.


I would recommend this premarital counseling workshop to all my friends
– Joelle Budimski
My biggest takeaway from the couples workshop was learning each other’s style of connection… I also learned not to try to make my partner strong in the same ways that I am. Instead I can think more about really appreciating how we are different.


Can really make meaningful changes to your relationship
– B. A.
Gal’s workshop is great for couples that are looking to learn or improve the skills and tools it take to build the foundation for a healthy relationship.


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