A weekend workshop for couples who want MORE

Upcoming Dates: March 10-11, 2018 ; April 25, 2018 (evening class) ; September 15-16, 2018

Rediscover your love with the secrets to more passion, intimacy, and playfulness!

You and your partner have been together for several years now—and somehow, somewhere, despite your best intentions, the romance has faded. Maybe you find yourselves arguing a lot more than you used to, and being intimate a lot less. You used to reach for each other’s body again and again, but now you find yourselves arguing over and over—about the same old issues!

Maybe you’re starting to wonder, Is this all there is? Where did the butterflies go? What happened to the all-night conversations? Maybe you’re even starting to think that it must be your fault as a couple. Everyone else looks happy…so it must be us, right?

Let’s get real. Everyone knows this, but no one’s saying it: relationships are hard work! That means you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Relationships take maintenance, and no one’s given you the manual. Until now.

Here’s the good news: with the right skills and tools, you can have a relationship filled with passion, intimacy, spontaneity, and support. It’s absolutely possible for you to build a love that lasts—and we’re here to help!

This workshop is for you if...

  • You have certain hot-button topics that blow up when you try to talk about them
  • You feel more like roommates than partners and want the romance and passion back ASAP
  • You’re in a good relationship, but want it to be exceptional!
  • You’re new parents stuck in babyland and have lost your connection to each other
  • You're not sure if you should stay in this relationship or go
  • You want more ease and peace, and better sex!

This workshop is for good for all couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation!

We get it.

When we met, Gal was a marketing manager in tech and Liron was a design student. At first, the romance was everything we could hope for—but all too soon, trouble showed up.

Liron wanted to “talk about things,” but Gal didn’t understand what there was to talk about. Liron complained that Gal was married to his work and was no fun anymore. Gal complained that he carried all the financial burden in the relationship.

Things escalated. We wanted to be together, but we broke up twice.

Then we decided to work on it.

We took workshops and took on our own personal growth—and what we learned transformed us. Gal left his tech job to become a therapist. Liron let go of her design career and also became a therapist. Now, we enjoy a relationship that’s more fun, loving, and passionate than either of us ever could have imagined.

We appreciate each other’s gifts and talents and learn so much from each other. In fact, we felt so inspired that we decided to dedicate our lives to working with couples. Liron has a gift for teaching couples how to overcome barriers to connection and create a deeper, more exciting love between them. Gal teaches other therapists how to work with couples. He is a teacher in the Hakomi experiential method and an adjunct faculty at CIIS University where he teaches marriage counseling.

fade-leftfade-rightAnd we want to share our experience with you.

Now’s the time to build a Love that Lasts.

In Love Made Simple you’ll receive a map for creating a successful relationship, especially how to bring passion, intimacy, and ease to your love life. This is a hands-on workshop in which you’ll do practical exercises with your partner that are both fun and educational. Our approach is unique in that it brings the latest tools and methods in an experiential, enlivening, and engaging way. And, the workshop is private—you’ll never be asked to share anything you don’t want to.

You’ll learn the essential secrets of a successful relationship:

  • How to set powerful intentions that will help your relationship grow
  • How to stop fighting over the small stuff—and start aligning around your bigger vision
  • What your partner really needs to feel loved—and how to give it to them
  • Real ways to maintain the spark (in just few minutes a day)
  • Practical communication tools for talking about the hard stuff
  • How to bring more passion and playfulness into your relationship!

Practical, science-based tools

This workshop incorporates the latest findings from attachment theory and research—also known as the science of love. You’ll also learn techniques based on mindfulness—the skill known to reduce stress and increase overall happiness.

We’ve combined all this with our extensive experience with hundreds of couples just like you and have distilled it to practical tools such as the 2 Relationship Motivations, the 8 Basic Needs and the 7D (7-dimension) of exceptional relationships. Using these tools you'll discover the specific blueprint of your relationship and what it takes to make it work. And even more than that, these skills are known to help you in all aspects of your life, not just your relationship. You’ll get more than just tools and techniques—you’ll learn how to truly, deeply celebrate your love!

Couples love working with us! Hear what they’re saying.

Rebecca W.

"My husband and I attended Gal & Liron's couples workshop in February and I cannot recommend it enough. Though we've been married for 10+ years, in just 2 (intensive) days we went deeper in our relationship than we've ever gone before.

The mix of individual exercises, guided discussion, and playful down-time (no long lectures) kept us engaged the entire weekend. Gal & Liron have a great chemistry together and a great teaching presence. It was fun - and personally challenging (in a good way) - learning from them.

I would highly recommend the workshop to couples planning for marriage, long-term partners (opposite or same sex), and everything in between."

Rebecca W., San Francisco
Michelle W.

"My partner and I took their two-day couples workshop. I had two concerns going in 1) Would I be able to understand Gal and Liron even though they had accents? and 2) Would my partner, who is a very private person, be comfortable sharing intimate information within a group setting?

Both fears were unfounded. Gal and Liron were very easy to understand. They were organized, spoke carefully and clearly, and both had good senses of humor. They were thoughtful in their responses to questions and it became obvious that they had a great deal of deep experience in the topic of couple's relationship dynamics. Everything was clear, and every exercise had a purpose. We both felt at ease very quickly. Additionally, we discovered that there was NO SHARING of private information in the group setting while working through the exercises.

If you are considering the investment of time and money for this workshop, do it. You will be pleased with all that you learn about yourself and your partner. They have very practical ways of teaching connection and help you to really understand underlying issues and lifetime relationship challenges. It was worth every penny and every minute of the time we spent there. Your relationship is worth it!"

Michelle W., San Jose

“I attended the weekend-long couples communication session with my husband... It was a great opportunity to grow closer to my other half. I really treasured the time we spent together focusing on making our relationship stronger. Gal & Liron have a wonderful approach and created a very welcoming and comfortable environment. The weekend opened my eyes to many things and I really appreciated the passion and sincerity they brings to their work.”

YY C. , San Francisco
Phil K.

"My partner and I wanted a venue to find ways to deepen our already strong communication, love and intimacy. So we Googled around and found out about The Couple Center's workshop. We went into it not knowing what to expect and were very pleased with the workshop activities that were in place to help illustrate their take-home messages. I think every couple was at the workshop for their own reasons—yet the activities allowed each to obtain the answers and and help that each needed. As a gay couple, we were strongly welcomed and supported by Gal and Liron (the couple that runs the workshop) and the supporting therapists (who provided us some of the insight that made the workshop most worth it). We strongly encourage you to give the workshop and their counseling sessions a will only strengthen your relationship."

Phil K., Brisbane

Here are the details:

  • 1

    Create a new paradigm of relationship.

    Most of us learned about relationships from our parents, friends, and the media. But our thoughts and myths around relationship don’t serve us in creating a long-term, happy connection. In this workshop, we’ll show you what really works.

  • 2

    Understand the science of love: what we are (really) looking for and why.

    Cutting-edge research on attachment—the science of love—is teaching us that there are simple yet powerful needs that we all bring to a relationship. These needs are the cause of our happiness, and also of our distress. Partners tend to have different styles of connection, and that leads to a lot of misunderstandings. At the workshop, you’ll discover your own style and gain insights that give you a map for successful relationships.

  • 3

    Learn how to make your partner feel truly, deliciously loved.

    We’re all different. At times, we try to give love in the way that we want to receive it. The result: you find yourself in an “ok” relationship, rather than a ”butterflies in the stomach” relationship. Here, you’ll learn how to read (and respond to) your partner’s love language and preferences.

  • 4

    Find the key to communicating with ease.

    The cause of your communication challenges isn’t what you think. While you might argue over many different things, when you get right down to it, there are only few things that matter for each person. Once you discover what they are, you’ll know how to communicate with your partner and address the real issues.

  • 5

    Cultivate passion and sensuality.

    Open your senses and discover more pleasure! Touch is a form of communication. Done with intention, presence, and playfulness, you’ll deepen your erotic connection and leave your partner begging for more! At our workshop, you’ll learn deceptively simple exercises to tap into the juice that nourishes your relationship!

All this, at a fraction of the cost.

 If you did this with Gal or Liron one-on-one, it would cost you $3000. This workshop can even be more effective, since being in a workshop creates an accelerated learning environment!

Your cost: $627 - $697 per couple

($70 discount for for early-bird, up to a month before)

Upcoming weekend dates: March 10-11, 2018 ; September 15-16, 2018

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 7pm. Acqua Hotel, Mill Valley, CA

Upcoming Evening Class: April 25- May 23, 2018

Weekly class - 530pm-930pm. Rudramandir, Berkeley

Note: Few partial scholarships are available for couples in financial need. Click here to fill out an application. If you have done this workshop in the past and would like to repeat it, contact us to receive 50% discount.


Plus! Sign up now and receive these bonuses

#1 SEX TALK: 5 Simple Conversations for a Passionate Sex Life

Amazing sex starts with… talking about it! But for most people this is a difficult topic to approach. This exercise packet is a step by step guide for easy and insightful conversations about sex. No matter what experience you already have, you’re guaranteed to discover a lot about yourself and your partner, and feel more intimate and excited about your sex life.

#2 Your 6 Weeks Relationship Plan

Couples who have been through the workshop usually say that they learned so much from it and they want to make sure to apply all of it... So we came up with a plan – for six weeks following the workshop you’ll receive emails reminding you of important topics covered in the workshop and specific actionable steps you can take that will benefit your relationship. Think about it as your relationship gym membership at no additional cost!

Our work is praised by the pros.

Adrian Klaphaak Adrian Klaphaak, Career coach

“As a career coach I work with people who lead busy lives and their relationships often suffer from the demands of work. I can certainly say the same for myself 🙂 I've learned that a relationship takes work just like careers take work. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection, and especially for busy professionals who want to have a successful career and a passionate marriage. It is packed with useful tools and skills while also being fun and enjoyable. Gal & Liron are excellent therapists (and an amazing couple) who are not only experienced and gifted but also passionate about this work and see it as their calling. This workshop is a fun and powerful way for you and your partner to reconnect to your love for each other and rekindle the passion and intimacy in your relationship. There’s nothing like a live in-person experience with other couples an expert facilitators to create deep positive change that gets you unstuck. Enjoy!"

Tamra Rutherford Tamra Rutherford, Consciousness coach

You know that old phrase, "it takes a village to raise a child"?  Well, I think it also takes a village to raise a relationship!  None of us are given the training and tools necessary to master committed relationships.  We need the help of mentors, teachers & positive role models.  Gal & Liron are exceptionally skilled at all three. I love that their work includes providing tools and processes for couple's to adopt BEFORE the trouble starts as well as effective interventions for difficult relationship issues.  They teach from their own very personal experiences and bring a wealth of science-based tools into their work. As a Life Coach committed to never-ending learning, I deeply appreciate their commitment to mastering cutting-edge, therapeutic modalities as well as the balance they strike between attending to self-awareness (the inner) & interpersonal tools (the outer).  I consider Gal & Liron experts in the field and I'm grateful that they are a part of MY village!

Xanet Pailet Xanet Pailet, Sex & intimacy coach

I completed a 6-day Experiential Couples Training Workshop with Gal and had a fantastic experience. I am not a psychotherapist but do see a lot of couples in my sex and intimacy coaching practice. Gal is an outstanding teacher. So clear in his instruction, incredibly knowledgeable. I have already used many of the tools I learned and I look forward to taking more workshops with him. I later collaborated with Gal and Liron on an evening for couples and got to know them more closely. I highly recommend taking their workshop. They are an amazing couple and the information and tools they can teach you are invaluable. Every couple who is looking for lasting love should go!”

Matt Foley Matt Foley, Marriage & family therapist

"In my work with couples, I’m always looking for ways to help partners directly experience their love for each other. Passion can’t just be a memory; its a living, breathing thing that’s alive between you. If you don’t cultivate the connection it dies! You need to be digging in the dirt and getting your hands dirty—and that may mean ditching the routine date night. Gal and Liron’s workshop is designed to reignite your connection as a direct experience, not an intellectual exercise. Couples come away from their workshops not only feeling closer, but knowing why—how they give and receive love, what their attachment style feels like, how to touch mindfully. I recommend these workshops to my couples because I know that spending a weekend with Gal and Liron builds the foundation for our work together. This is the foundation every couple deserves to have, and one that brings lasting passion and happiness!"

Treat yourself to a Couple's Retreat.

Take a stroll along the beach. Enjoy fine dining. Take time to relax with your partner and get nourished! The workshop is held at the beautiful and romantic Tiburon, California. Just moments away from the scenic forests of Marin county or the famous Golden Gate of San Francisco. This is an opporutnity take time away from your busy life and go on retreat...

Invest in your relationship.

Your Investment: $697 per couple.


Early-bird discount: $627 per couple!


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What is the cancellation policy? +

Once you reserve a spot the payment is final. However, if you can't make it to the workshop you can transfer your registration to a future workshop or receive a 25% refund.

Will this workshop help us with our communication problems? +

Yes! Communication problems is the number one challenge couples face, and the workshop is focused on helping you get perspectives and tools to improve it.

What if we don’t have any major problems? Is this workshop still for us? +

Absolutely! You don’t have to have problems to work on your relationship. In fact, it’s better to do that when you’re not having problems. We are focused on you connecting with your partner, having fun, and building skills.

Is this workshop appropriate for same sex couples or only for heterosexual ones? +

Absolutely. This workshop is intended to all couples—heterosexual, gay, lesbian, queer, or others. It also addresses both monogamous and nonmonogamous couples.

If I’m already seeing a counselor, will this be worth it? +

Yes. This workshop will teach you tools that you can use and continue to build on with your counselor. It will actually help speed up the process and save you money.

Can we attend the workshop even if we aren’t married? +

Yes. Our workshop is appropriate for people in committed long-term relationships, married or not.

What’s the difference between this workshop and your premarital workshop? +

Whether you’re dating, recently married, or have been together for years, you need to learn these fun and effective tools. So, during the first day and a half of this workshop you’ll all be together. During the last half day, we split the group. With premarital couples we’ll explore specifics such as planning your future together, talking about money, and other related topics. With married couples or couples who have been together for a while, we’ll review and deepen your skills around communication, sensuality, and play.

Can I come to the workshop alone if I can’t convince my partner to attend? +

The workshop is focused on doing exercises with your partner, so unfortunately coming by yourself will not work. However, if you have a good friend that would like to come with you and you can see yourselves practicing some exercises together, that could be possible.

How can I convince my partner to attend this workshop? +

Ask your partner what would they like to have “more of” or “less of” in your relationship. Don’t argue with them, just invite them to consider that this workshop might help them in achieving that. You can also check in about their concerns or questions, and have them contact us so we can address them directly. Finally, you can show them this web page!

How many couples attend your workshops? +

Our workshops vary in size, but we make sure that every couple feels that they have individual attention and support. Your positive experience is important to us!

Can we attend the workshop if we are already separated or in the process of divorce? +

If you can come with an intention to learn about yourself and your relationship patterns, then the answer is yes. The tools you learn might serve you in this relationship or in a future one.

What’s the age range of the couples in your workshops? Are we too old/young to go? +

We welcome adult couples of all ages to our events. Our past events have had couples ranging from 25 to 70. Love can be celebrated at any age!

We do not live in San Francisco but would like to attend. Where can we stay? +

San Francisco is a romantic city and a great destination. Combining this workshop with a trip to the area can be an excellent idea. Besides staying at The Lodge at Tiburon (with a 15% discount if you book through The Couples Center—use this link), there are numerous lodging options in the workshop area; we encourage you to check major websites like, or others.

More about Gal & Liron:

Gal Szekely & Liron Cohen are a married couple (and new parents!) who live and work together—it doesn’t get more real than that! They are couples counselors and founders of The Couples Center, a relationship counseling and education center. Through counseling, workshops and events they have helped hundreds of couples create a deep, lasting connection.

Gal has dedicated his work to helping couples create thriving relationships. He is a teacher in the Hakomi experiential therapy method and he teaches therapists in the bay area and nationally how to use experiential methods that create effective change. He is also an adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches marriage counseling from a body-mind perspective. He hold a masters in Counseling Psychology from CIIS University and a masters in Social Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

Liron has a gift for teaching couples how to overcome barriers to connection and create a deeper, more exciting love between them. With a background in design, as a doula and priestess, and a gifted chef, she brings creativity and beauty to everything she does! Liron is known for her warmth and engaging style, as well as her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively. She is trained in Hakomi experiential method and has served as an assistant teacher in therapy trainings. She holds a master’s in counseling psychology from CIIS University.