Past “Date Night San Francisco” Events for Couples

Passion, Intimacy, & Playfulness in relationship

DATE NIGHT San Francisco is a monthly event for couples that’s both educational and fun! In a lighthearted environment, you will mingle with other like-minded couples and enjoy fun activities that support authentic communication, build spontaneity, and deepen intimacy (sprinkled with our best tips for the art and science of loving). Couples of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcomed and encouraged to join!

If you’re looking for current DATE NIGHT San Francisco events, visit our couples events page for information and details.

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How to Be an Exceptional Couple

learn how to be an exceptional couple at our san francisco date night events

As much as we wish they did, relationships don’t come with an operating manual. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s not so easy to maintain “the spark” after years together. But what if you can have more connection, intimacy, and joy together, even in the midst of a busy life?

This daylong seminar is an opportunity to fall more in love with your partner. Learn how to attune to their body language, become more fluent in the language of touch, create a heart-to-heart connection, be more spontaneous with each other, and much more!

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Date Night San Francisco: The Art of Loving Touch

learn the art of loving touch at a date night san francisco event

Loving touch isn’t just about having the right technique. It’s a form of communication, and probably one of the most powerful forms available to us in a relationship. Whether it’s a passing affection, a kiss, or sensual lovemaking, loving and intimate touch is all about being present in your body while remaining open and attuned to your partner. Discover this and more at our next DATE NIGHT!


In The Art of Loving Touch, a Date Night from The Couples Center, hosts Gal Szekeley and Liron Cohen, along with guest presenter Jasmine Flanigan, will be offering various exercises and techniques for making sweet and nourishing contact that will give each of you a fresh new and playful approach to unwinding together.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Different forms of touch that connect you more intimately with your partner
  • Being mindful of yourself and present with your partner when you’re touching them
  • Specific techniques to help release tension in your partner’s head, neck, back and feet
  • How to massage for healing and relaxation or more for sensual and erotic play
  • Maintaining a prolonged relationship with what brings you pleasure
  • And yes, you will learn how to create a fantastic couples massage without a massage table!

Rediscovering Desire: Connecting Hearts,  Unleashing Passion

Are you in a long-term relationship and have lost some of the desire to connect intimately?
Are you so stressed out that it’s become hard to tap into your passion?
Are your responsibilities taking a toll on your relationship and you are too exhausted to connect?

Intimacy is such a crucial part of a relationship. It’s one of the juicy things we enjoy when we first get involved with our partner. As human beings we yearn to be in connection, to be in touch with pleasure, passion, and desire.

In Rediscovering Desire, a Date Night from The Couples Center, hosts Sachar Erez and Dalia Perez will provide space and tools for you and your partner to deepen in intimacy, cultivate passion with each other, and reconnect to the aliveness of desire.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • A better understanding and ability to tune in to your partner, and connect deeper with each other
  • Heightened awareness of senses that will expand your ability to experience pleasure and desire
  • Deeper connection with your body
  • Knowing how to tap into your desire
  • Maintaining a prolonged relationship with what brings you pleasure
  • A better understanding of how men and women are socialized around sex and how this plays into your relationship with your partner
  • How to overcome blocks to intimacy, passion, and desire

4 Simple Steps to a Love that Lasts

happy couple kissing

What does it take to go from OK to AMAZING in your relationship?
Do you want to learn how to bring more passion and intimacy to your love life?

Our culture is full of myths and falsehoods about what makes a truly successful partnership. As a result, many couples are left without role models or a map for a healthy, well-functioning relationship. Even if you really love each other, relationships can be challenging—and most couples don’t have all the necessary tools and skills to nurture them.

By learning just a few key principles, you can improve your relationship and feel closer and more at ease with your partner. In this talk, Gal and Liron will discuss the principles of creating great relationships and give you practical skills for lasting love.

This talk will include:

  • The 7 dimensions of exceptional relationships
  • The two destructive patterns to watch for—and what you need to do to avoid them
  • BONUS: Test your relationship! Get a free copy of our 7Dimensions quiz

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Relationship as spiritual practice

As remarkable as it may sound, it’s actually possible to co-create relationships where we can be known in our deepest essence. What would it look like to create a new paradigm of relationship? Discover this and more at our next DATE NIGHT San Francisco. Here, you will find ways to transform the “everyday” of relationship into extraordinary sacred partnerships.

Regardless of how you define “spiritual,” you will learn principles and techniques for taking your relationship to a higher level:

  • Setting sacred space
  • Creating an environment for sharing and opening deeply together
  • Conscious breathing to deepen your connection
  • Setting intentions for intimate relationship
  • Connecting with the truth within each one of us and how to present it to our partner
  • Opening our hearts and loving nondefensively
  • Compassionate listening

Together, we will explore different relationship styles, the differences between relating from a “3D” mindset (fear, control, separation, ego consciousness) and relating in the “4D” (love, surrender, trust, sovereignty), and ways to come into presence and let go of the strategies that keep us from truly loving our partners.

Hosted by Liron and Gal with guest presenters Nadine Keller and Alika Medeiros of Ecstatic Awakenings, this meetup will offer you fun ways to call in your “ascended relationship” through sex magic and rituals, sacred sexuality, sacred contracts and agreements that will elevate your love life.

This workshop is appropriate for couples of any configuration.

Passionate Intimacy: The Masculine and the Feminine

sensual couple

Are you wondering why 50 Shades of Grey is such a phenomenon?
Are you curious about power dynamics and how they relate to intimacy?
Are there aspects of your sex life that you wish to understand and explore better?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” then be sure to join us for an evening of passionate intimacy! At this exciting Date Night event, sex and intimacy coach Xanet Pailet will help us explore our desires for true passion with our partners. In a supportive setting, you will experience the interplay of masculine and feminine energy and learn how to bring more passion into your relationship. Although we call these energies “masculine” and “feminine,” we all carry a mix of both, regardless of gender identification—thus, this workshop is suitable for everyone. You’ll understand your own relationship to these elements, and learn ways to bring forth their passion and playfulness!

At this workshop, you will:

  • Explore masculine and feminine energy
  • Experience the power dynamics that make sex exciting
  • Learn how to bring more passion into your relationship

Valentine’s Event: How to Massage Your Partner (and Enjoy It Yourself!)

Events for Couples

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and we’ve been searching for something special to offer you! After we came back sore from a recent skiing trip, it became obvious: Giving nourishing touch and massage to one another is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a sure way to connect you with your partner, and it can often lead to more (wink, wink).

If we’ve learned anything from years of practicing body-mind approaches to healing and growth, it’s that touch isn’t just about having the right technique. Touch is a form of communication, and probably one of the most powerful ones when it comes to a relationship. Whether it’s a passing affectionate touch, a kiss, or sensual lovemaking, it’s all about being present in your body and attuned to your partner.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Different types of touch (your intention can make a difference…)
  • How to be mindful and present when you’re touching your partner (what we call “heartfelt touch”)
  • And, of course, techniques for a fantastic couples massage! (Yes, on a real massage table…)

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Valentine’s Event: Open Your Senses: Wine & Sensuality

Events for Couples

Treat your partner to a unique experience this Valentine’s Day! On the magical setting of Treasure Island, with a beautiful view of the bay and a glass (or more) of wine, together you will connect to your senses—or your sens-uality—in new and fun ways. How sensual you are plays a key role in both your sex life and your overall ability to derive pleasure from life. Sensuality is simply being tuned in to your senses—how often (and how deeply) you notice colors, smells, textures, sounds, or tastes. The more open you are, the more heightened every experience becomes: more fun, more pleasurable, more intimate, and more sexual.

What’s going to happen?

  • Enjoy fun games and activities designed to open your senses (easy, lighthearted activities, fully clothed)
  • Share a glass of wine from the menu at The Winery SF (your first glass is on us!) and pair it with cheese and other yummy snacks
  • Meet and play with like-minded couples
  • And most important, connect more deeply with your partner and create lasting memories

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Make 2015 Your Best Relationship Year Yet!

Past Events for Couples

It’s 2015 already—can you believe it? If you make just one resolution this year, how about making this your best relationship year yet? This evening will be about just that: helping you and your partner bring more Spark, Intimacy, & Playfulness—right from the start. While sharing wine, laughter, and good company, we’ll help you set the right intention for your relationship, strengthen your bond, and teach you some incredible tools.

Together we’ll look at:

  • Your strengths as a couple and how you can build on them for a great year.
  • Setting intentions for the coming year: how to create personal and shared intentions that will deepen intimacy
  • A simple communication tool that will bring more affection and spark to your relationship.
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