Relationship as Spiritual Practice

Relationship as

Spiritual Practice

The Art of sacred love & intimacy

As remote as it may sound, it’s actually possible to co-create relationships where we can be known in our deepest essence. What would it look like to create a new paradigm of relationship? Discover this and more at our next DATE NIGHT. Here, you will find ways to transform the everyday of relationship into extraordinary sacred partnerships.

DATE & TIME: Friday, May 8, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION: The Couples Center: 870 Market St. Ste. 1185, San Francisco, CA
COST: $20 per person until May 4; $25 after (buy your tickets using the Eventbrite form below)

Regardless of how you define “spiritual,” you will learn principles and techniques for taking your relationship to a higher level:

  • Setting sacred space
  • Creating an environment for sharing and opening deeply together
  • Conscious breathing to deepen your connection
  • Setting intentions for intimate relationship
  • Connecting with the truth within each one of us and how to present it to our partner
  • Opening our hearts and loving nondefensively
  • Compassionate listening

Together, we will explore different relationship styles, the differences between relating from a “3D” mindset (fear, control, separation, ego consciousness) and relating in the “4D” (love, surrender, trust, sovereignty), and ways to come into presence and let go of the strategies that keep us from truly loving our partners.

Hosted by Liron and Gal with guest presenters Nadine Keller and Alika Medeiros of Ecstatic Awakenings, this meetup will offer you fun ways to call in your “ascended relationship” through sex magic and rituals, sacred sexuality, sacred contracts and agreements that will elevate your love life.

This workshop is appropriate for couples of any configuration. We hope you’ll join us!

Gal and Liron are a married couple who live and work together (it doesn’t get more real than that!). They are couples counselors and founders of The Couples Center (, a counseling and education center for couples.

Nadine and Alika of Ecstatic Awakenings ( are leading-edge innovators in the field of personal development, guiding individuals into living their full ecstatic embodied potential. Both have devoted their lives to humanity’s evolution of mind, body, heart and spirit. Together they bring over 35 years of a wealth of wisdom, experience and practice that encompasses modalities in the fields of holistic health, psychology, yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, body work, energy work, meditation, Hakomi, spirituality, shamanism, spiritual midwifery, sexuality, tantra and esoteric mysticism.

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