Premartial Workshop and Couples Retreat Testimonials

Below are testimonials from some of the couples we’ve worked with in our marriage retreats.

All the testimonials are from real couples and were posted on Yelp.

“…[My partner and I] decided to go with the 2-day weekend workshop rather than the weekly personal sessions because we liked the scheduling better and thought it could be helpful to hear insights from other couples.

Boy, did we make a good decision to signup! Well worth the money!! After day one I already felt more secure in our abilities to communicate with each other about small or complex conflicts, simply because we both had mutual “training” and understanding from being in the class together.

Gal and Liron created such a safe and welcoming environment of understanding and acceptance that even my super private husband felt comfortable sharing insights about our relationship with the group. They have a well-prepared and thoughtfully executed itinerary and helpful resources to guide the process along. It was engaging to hear their own personal stories as well as real life examples of situations they have helped couples grow through. We benefited from the bits of one-on-one attention they offer during each exercise (and they make sure to have additional experts present so that all couples can receive this attention and helpful guidance).

I could go on and on about things we learned, but you don’t need to know all that. What you need to know is that you have found the right place. Stop looking. Call Gal and Liron. They will certainly be the place we go when we need any relationship guidance.” ~Megan K.

“My partner and I attended Gal and Liron’s Love Made Simple workshop this past weekend…I walked in unsure and walked out thinking that this kind of work should be required for any marriage. The weekend’s various activities were paced so that we had enough time to explore concepts with our partners then share with the large group if we wanted, but we managed to cover a vast number of them in a single weekend. Gal and Liron, as well as other therapists from the Center, facilitated when we needed but also let us talk through issues on our own.

I uncovered more about my partner, myself, and our relationship than I thought possible in one weekend. I’d definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking for premarital or long-term relationship counseling. ~Amy L.

“…[Gal and Liron] were organized, spoke carefully and clearly, and both had good senses of humor. They were thoughtful in their responses to questions and it became obvious that they had a great deal of deep experience in the topic of couple’s relationship dynamics. Everything was clear, and every exercise had a purpose. We both felt at ease very quickly. Additionally, we discovered that there was NO SHARING of private information in the group setting while working through the exercises.

If you are considering the investment of time and money for this workshop, do it. You will be pleased with all that you learn about yourself and your partner. They have very practical ways of teaching connection and help you to really understand underlying issues and lifetime relationship challenges. It was worth every penny and every minute of the time we spent there. Your relationship is worth it!” ~Michelle W.

“Jason & I are engaged and wanted to do some pre-marital couples work to make sure we are on happy and fulfilled footing prior to the big day. Since neither of us are religious, I wanted to find something nice and science based that was secular. I found the Couples Center on Yelp and thought it sounded promising – and signed us up to do a pre-marital workshop over a weekend in Tiburon! We live in San Francisco, so we just got a zip car and headed over each day.

This workshop was SO GOOD. I cannot even describe it. It is set up as a series of small lectures, followed by exercises with your partner. As a person who works in tech, I have been to my fair share of workshops, and this is the only one I’ve ever been to where the time just flies by and I felt like I was constantly learning and growing.

Jason & I both had a great time both days of the workshop. I would highly recommend it to literally anyone who wants to take some time to work on their relationship and reconnect and better understand healthy and productive ways to communicate and be happier as a couple. There was a wide range of couples at the workshop, and there was a mix of people who planned to do the pre-marital workshop (which was its own planning session the second afternoon), or to do the long term couples workshop breakout instead.

As a result of going to this, I feel like I understand myself better, what I am looking for out of a fulfilling relationship better, and also I understand Jason, his motivations and what he’s looking for to have his needs met, a whole lot better too. I think we both learned a lot and are super happy we went!

As someone who is nervous about taking random workshops I learned about on the internet, I would tell you that you will have a great time; there is no weird religious or spiritual stuff that will make you uncomfortable; the workshops are science and study based and focused on a better practical understanding of how to have a great relationship.

Obviously, if your relationship is in crisis, you should go directly to a counselor for 1 on 1 work. But if you are looking to improve a happy situation, or a situation that’s pretty great but could use a tuneup, sign up for a workshop!” ~Tasha D.

“Josh & I attended Gal and Liron’s couples workshop in Tiburon and are so thankful we did. We have always felt like we have good communication and a healthy relationship, but because we know that marriage (and life) can throw a lot of unexpected hardships our way, we wanted to be as prepared as possible to have a long and healthy marriage, and decided to do the premarital couples workshop. It definitely goes to show that everyone should be humble enough to admit that there is always more to learn, because we were pleasantly surprised with how much new information we got from working with Gal, Liron, and the other counselors.

Going into it I thought that in the best case scenario we would both walk away with some aspects of our personality to work on. I was so surprised by the content of the workshop, and how much it focused on communication and argument cycles rather than being an attack on anyone’s personality or relationship. I feel like we walked away knowing each other so much better and having a way deeper connection, even though we have been together for five and a half years. I’d recommend this to every long-term couple I know.” ~Kelsey U.

“… As a gay couple, we were strongly welcomed and supported by Gal and Liron (the couple that runs the workshop) and the supporting therapists (who provided us some of the insight that made the workshop most worth it). We strongly encourage you to give the workshop and their counseling sessions a try…it will only strengthen your relationship.” ~Phil. K

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