How to Make Your Love Last (video)

Every day, you want to make your partner feel like you're there for them. Whether you've been married for thirty years or three months, for many people there comes a time when their marriage is not as blissful as when it started. Often it looks like this: the [...]

3 reasons why getting married is stressful

Most people think about being engaged and getting married as a happy time, a time in which they finally get to settle down and be secure that they have found someone to love them. And in many ways it is, but there are aspects of the engagement stage leading [...]

4 big myths of relationship

Love. Countless poems, novels, films and songs have been dedicated to celebrating and exploring the mystery of this experience. Almost from birth we are bombarded with messages about what love and relationship should be, messages that are often inaccurate and unhelpful. In his book ACT with Love, Russ Harris discusses [...]

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