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Cassandra Hazen, LMFT

What brings a couple to seek support can be so widely varied; from “preventative work” earlier on in a relationship, to premarital counseling, to non-monogamous relationship support, to end of relationship facilitation, and all things in between.

Coupling, with all it’s obvious rewards and benefits, can be hard with a capital H. In the beginning it can feel effortless and carefree. The qualities and actions of your love interest are captivating, enlivening, and leave you wanting more. It feels downright easy to love this person, and it may even feel like they can do no wrong. Fast forward to an unforeseen shift. New place. New dimension. What happened to the ease? I thought I knew this person. How do we get things back to what they were, and will it ever be that good again? Is there hope when all we do is fight? Why do I feel so alone in the relationship?

Sometimes it is so difficult to see through the fog of distance and navigate the troubled waters on your own, when each attempt triggers more upset and another round of the cycle you feel stuck in. There is hope.

As a couples therapist, I am here to provide a warm, safe, non-judgmental place for your process. I am here to encourage a new way of looking at your own and your partner’s story, and a new way to communicate. Every coupling is unique, but there are important commonalities in the underlying patterns and challenges; communication, misaligned values and lifestyles, infidelity and sex, to name a few. I strive to identify, explain, and explore a deepening of the core material with you from the beginning, and together we create a process of study, education, and practice. New things take time to integrate. There is time.


I’m a Bay Area native, recovering perfectionist, and the youngest of two in a functionally dysfunctional and witty nuclear family. From a young age, it felt natural to observe and attune to human dynamics around me, stay curious about my internal world, and look for patterns and common threads in all our stories. Clients and loved ones would describe me as fiercely passionate and heart-centered, observant and wise, and committed to seeing from all angles. Equal parts softness and intensity.


I have a master’s degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Somatic Psychotherapy. I’ve studied more deeply into the Hakomi method and Emotional Focused Therapy. I continue to seek education and training in specializations.


My approach is holistic and experiential, warm and collaborative, direct and gentle. My goal is to meet my clients where they are, with an open heart, curiosity, and a sense of humility and humor.

I identify as a white, able-bodied, cisgender woman of European heritage. I strive to remain aware of my privilege and power, and seek regular consultation regarding themes of oppression and how they impact the therapeutic relationship. I honor and welcome diversity into my practice.

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