Beyond Listening:

Understanding and connecting to others from the heart.

Whether single or in a relationship, this workshop is for those who seek to more empathetically communicate with others.

Next opportunity: Saturday, November 4, 2018
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“Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals.”

― J. Isham

We all know what it is like to feel misunderstood or unseen. Still, we often make the same mistakes within our own conversations, whether with friends, family, co-workers or loved ones. There are many ways we could be missing the opportunity to connect to others – maybe you jump to respond to quickly because you have something to say, or you get distracted and don’t give your full attention, or you to try to help someone and give them your best advice but they tell you that it’s not what they are looking for.

What if you could really understand others, and by that, really learn to help them understand you? Rather than repeating the same arguments, discussions, or asking the same questions, imagine understanding and being understood more clearly, the first time.

Imagine being more intimate with your partner, communicating with ease with your friends, and being able to attune on a deeper level with others. To attune to another is our ability to be present to and “tune in” to their experience. It’s mindfully paying attention to more than just words, but perceiving the motivation behind their body language. Most sincerely, attuning to others means you are opening your heart to truly connect to them.

Listening in a heartfelt way will allow you to be more than a good listener, it will allow you to feel what others are saying, and truly be felt by others.

In Beyond Listening, not only will you learn how to hear others, you will learn how to connect with what they are actually saying. In this workshop, we will explore:

The most common mistakes people make when it comes to listening.
Necessary skills to improve your ability to read the other’s subtle body language, so you hear them, even when they are not speaking.
How to put aside your thoughts and reactions, so you can truly engage with the other person.
Learn how to communicate to ensure your partner feels genuinely cared for or loved by you.

Upcoming dates: 11/04/2018

Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Cost: $190 per individual or $380 per couple

Location: Rudramandir in Berkeley, CA.

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About the Facilitators

Gal Szekely & Liron Cohen are a married couple (and parents!) who live and work together—it doesn’t get more real than that! They are psychotherapists, marriage counselors and the founders of The Couples Center, a relationship counseling and education center. Through counseling, workshops and events, they have helped hundreds of people create a deep, lasting connection.

Gal has dedicated his work to helping people create thriving relationships. He is a teacher in the Hakomi experiential therapy method, and he teaches therapists in the Bay Area, as well as nationally, how to use body-mind methods that create effective change. He is also an adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches marriage counseling from a body-mind perspective. He hold a masters in Counseling Psychology from CIIS University and a masters in Social Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

Liron has a gift for teaching people how to overcome barriers to connection and create a deeper, more exciting love between them. With a background in design, as a doula and priestess, and a gifted chef, she brings creativity and beauty to everything she does! Liron is known for her warm and engaging style, as well as her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively. She is trained in Hakomi experiential method and has served as an assistant teacher in therapy trainings. She holds a master’s in counseling psychology from CIIS University.
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The Couples Center is here to help you gain the most out of yourself and your relationships. We never discriminate, encourage questions and feedback, and have learned our techniques from individuals and couples just like you. We keep our workshops small, with therapists actively walking around to encourage more growth and a better understanding of the knowledge at hand.

Our workshops are for good for all couples and/or individuals, regardless of gender or sexual orientation!

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