South Bay Couples Counselors

Our South Bay marriage and couples counselors are licensed psychotherapists (Marriage and Family Therapists) or psychologists who specialize in working with couples. We provide marriage counseling in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Campbell, and Santa Clara.

Azizeh Rezaiyan, MFT

Azizeh is an adjunct professor at Sofia University and a Marriage Family Therapist with offices in Burlingame and Los Altos. Having lived and studied in several countries, Azizeh offers a multicultural view in her warm, empathic and interactive approach as a trained body psychotherapist with couples. Azizeh believes a couples relationship is one of the most challenging, inspiring, and enriching relations we can have. When conflict is dealt with constructively, it can enhance awareness, compassion, and gratitude in both partners.

With couples, Azizeh explores the underlying dynamics and then helps participants understand and undo the early injuries that are the structure of their communication difficulties, fights, blame, infidelity, sexual boredom, emotional distances, and even parenting issues. In her inspiring work with couples, Azizeh focuses on their level of communion (bond) and help them set healthy boundaries that will lead to a healthy sense of self in both partners. Having healthy boundaries usually leads to a greater awareness of our own inner life, improves our dynamics with our partners as well as others, enriches our communication, and expands our level of creativity to face life’s challenges. Azizeh’s work with couples is a joyous and fulfilling journey that transforms each partner to achieve greater intimacy, romance, and sexuality in their relationship.

Office Locations

825 San Antonio Rd. #206
Palo Alto, CA 94303

840 Hinckley Rd., Ste. 110
Burlingame, CA 94010

Valerie Sher, marriage counselor in Menlo Park and Redwood City, CA
Valerie Sher, PhD

Valerie, a licensed psychologist and Adjunct Professor at Sofia University and JFK University, has been a longtime practitioner and activist in the development of healthy relationships, sexuality, and embodiment. She uses a nonjudgmental mindfulness-based approach in cultivating self-inquiry and growth and greater mind/body well being. She sees her work as a spiritual practice in her offering and cultivation of presence, courage, and compassion to allow others to more safely explore and change blocks to loving and relating more fully and effectively. She uses difficult life experiences as an opportunity for learning and change and works to help people move past shame and blame, resentment, and other defensive responses in order to restore respect, empathy, and trust. By helping to build on personal strengths while appreciating differences, developing new skills for emotional regulation, communication, assertiveness, and problem solving, Valerie helps people to have more joyful and rewarding relationships.

Valerie earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) and has extensive training in childhood attachment, trauma, relationships, love, intimacy, sexuality, and communication. Her work brings together Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Psychoanalytic and Jungian depth work, CBT and DBT, process therapy, movement and drama therapy.

Office Location

61 Renato Ct., Ste. 18
Redwood City, CA 94061

Matt Ahrens, couples therapist in Los Gatos, CA
Matt Ahrens, MFTi

Relationships are fascinating. Two people come together with high hopes and positive emotional connections. Then, over time, some of the initial attraction wears off and conflict arises. Communication wanes. There are arguments. Needs aren’t getting met. The relationship isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, or maybe it isn’t fulfilling at all anymore. The relationship might hit a crisis like an affair or an argument that went too far. There is talk of breaking up. Neither wants to continue like this.

If you relate to any of that description, I want you to know that I’ve helped many couples in situations like yours. You can overcome it. Together we can work through the crisis, address root causes, and build a new, healthy, positive, and fulfilling relationship. Nothing is guaranteed, but I know that it is possible and I’d like to help you.

I am a natural mediator. In couples work, that looks like making sure each person is being heard and that the process is fair to both. I listen for each person’s interests that are at the heart of their positions, and I often find a lot of agreement between the couple that each is missing. I’m adept at working with every personality type and all of the different combinations of personalities that form in relationships.

I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Integral Counseling Psychology program. Prior to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, I was a life/relationship/executive coach and mediator for many years. I have also worked in technology, large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and government. I often lead trainings in the Enneagram personality system.

Office Location

1057 East Meadow Circle
Palo Alto, CA 94303