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Matt Foley, MFT

Matt is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who is passionate about helping couples rediscover the connection that brought them together. Whether it’s the first year for a couple or the first decade, Matt’s compassionate and direct approach allows his clients to feel comfortable exploring patterns and the deeper emotions that cause them. He’s particularly skilled at seeing and naming underlying dynamics, allowing couples to understand them both intellectually and emotionally and move through them to find empathy and love for each other. Matt has extensive experience working with parenting issues, chronic conflict, trust and intimacy issues, and general lack of aliveness in relationships. Matt’s approach is grounded in mindfulness and the Hakomi method, and incorporates EFT and psychodynamic approaches. His twenty-year meditation practice also anchors his work with couples. He holds a MS in clinical psychology from San Francisco State University.

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870 Martet St. Suite 907
San Francisco, CA 94102