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Is it time for a real change in your relationship? Do you want specific tools and tangible results in a short time?

A couples retreat is an effective way to bring change and growth into your relationship. Dedicating an intensive, uninterrupted time for you and your partner can make a big difference and often bring results in a more effective way.

Has your relationship has been suffering for a long time? With the right help you can turn things around! We often hear from couples that they couldn’t imagine how much change and growth could happen in such a short time.

At the Couples Center we offer two types of couples retreats: a group retreat and private retreats.

Love Made Simple couples retreat

Love Made Simple couples retreat

If you’re serious about improving your relationship, then we invite you to consider our retreat, Love Made Simple.
We took our best tools and the knowledge we gained from working with hundreds of couples, and put them into this two-day event. And guess what? We made it fun, too 🙂

Held in the beautiful, oceanside setting of Tiburon, in the San Francisco Bay Area, this two day retreat will change the way you think about your relationship. Many couples face relationship challenges, but most couples don’t know the real reasons for those challenges and what they need in order to improve.

Love Made Simple provides the tools to understand your relationship, the cause of your challenges and what you need to do to change them for the better.

Learn powerful relationship tools like the 2 Basic Motivations and the 8 Basic Needs. Discover your negative communication pattern and what each one of you really needs to get out of it. Learn practical communication tools. Discover how a failure to create connection and affection is the hidden side of conflict, and gain easy yet powerful ways to feel more connected with your partner. Read more about it here (link to LMS retreat).

The Love Made Simple retreat is also instrumental in providing premarital counseling for couples wanting to prepare for their marriage. We offer a separate premarital track for in which you gain alignment around important questions for your future together, including your goals, your vision for family, money, roles you’ll play, etc. Click here for more information about the premarital track.

The Love Made Simple retreat is led by Gal & Liron, a married couple and founders of The Couples Center. To learn more about them click here.

The hours of the retreat are 10am to 7pm, with a 75 minute lunch break and additional short breaks built into the retreat. Make sure to bring snacks and layered clothing!

Private couples retreat with Gal Szekely

couples therapy with Gal Szekely

If you’re looking for a special, dedicated time for just you and your partner, then our private retreat with Gal may suit your needs. These marriage retreats offer a unique space to feel safe to open up, talk about everything and create important change. The couples retreat is usually two to three days long, during which Gal works with you and your partner in a customized way that will fit your specific issues and needs.

The more intensive, private format helps you and your partner make progress that is more effective than regular weekly counseling. Every session seamlessly continues from the previous one, without needing to remember what happened during the previous session. The private couples retreat is an opportunity for clarity and healing in your relationship.

Gal Szekely, MFT is the founder of The Couples Center and a faculty member at two universities, where he teaches couples therapy to graduate and post-graduate level therapists. Check out our private couples retreats page for more information.

Marriage retreats work!

“My husband and I attended Gal & Liron’s couples workshop in February and I cannot recommend it enough. Though we’ve been married for 10+ years, in just 2 (intensive) days we went deeper in our relationship than we’ve ever gone before.

The mix of individual exercises, guided discussion, and playful down-time (no long lectures) kept us engaged the entire weekend. Gal & Liron have a great chemistry together and a great teaching presence. It was fun – and personally challenging (in a good way) – learning from them.

I would highly recommend the workshop to couples planning for marriage, long-term partners (opposite or same sex), and everything in between.” ~Rebecca W.

For more couples retreats testimonials click here.

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