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Catherine Singstad, MFT

Having worked with couples extensively, Erica knows that even the healthiest of relationships undergo difficult times, and at those times couples can greatly benefit from the support of a compassionate and insightful couples therapist. Sometimes conflict, distance, or struggles with intimacy creep into a relationship, and it can be tempting to get caught up in the surface-level words and actions that seem to drive the issue while ignoring the deep-seated patterns and beliefs underlying the dynamics. It is essential to explore each partner’s attachment patterns, and Erica works with couples by integrating practical help and tools while also helping them to understand the deeper dynamics that are getting stirred up between them.

Erica has a tremendous respect for the dedication and courage it takes to build a healthy, lasting, committed relationship. She has experience working with all kinds of couples in all stages of relationship. Erica is a licensed marriage and family therapist with degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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