East Bay Couples Counselors

Our East Bay marriage and couples counselors are experienced Marriage and Family Therapists who specialize in working with couples. They are dedicated to helping you create the relationship you want!
Liron Cohen, couples therapist in Berkeley
Liron Cohen, MFTi

Being in a relationship means sharing yourself with another person. It means connecting with your partner, opening your heart, and loving. And that’s not always an easy thing to do. Liron teaches couples how to communicate in a healthy and productive way. She helps partners learn to de-escalate fights and eventually recognize and prevent them before they even begin. That way couples can go to sleep in each other’s arms instead of feeling angry and unheard.

Liron believes that counseling sessions should continue at home, which is why she assigns her clients videos and articles to ensure they get the most out of couples counseling. Alongside Hakomi, Liron is a priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School, has worked as a doula in the art of pregnancy and birth, and has studied shamanism and its connections to plants.

Liron holds a Master’s degree in counseling from the California Institute of Integral Studies, specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy. Her approach is integral, combining mindfulness, spirituality, and the mind-body relationship. Liron is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern supervised by Nani Vohryzek, MFT #33955.

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1918 Bonita Ave., second floor (Suite 203)
Berkeley CA 94707

Danielle Saunders, couples therapist in Berkeley
Danielle Saunders, MFT

Danielle brings over 14 years of experience to couples counseling. Her unique approach incorporates communication skills and relational-somatic and mindfulness-based techniques. Danielle sees couples with a large range of issues, including reclaiming sexual passion, coparenting/blended families, and recovery from trauma/history of abuse. She is both practical and creative in finding solutions to remaining present with and growing into healthy love relationships. She believes love is our best teacher and our relationships can be a place for working through key issues through building safety, depth and authenticity. With this foundation, a couple can support each other into greater aspects of themselves to take risks, expand in receiving love, and meeting new life goals.

In addition to being a Marriage and Family Therapist, Danielle writes extensively about living an authentic life, taking risks to let in more love, and the humble experience of being truly human. Her master’s degree comes from California Institute of Integral Studies and she has years of postgraduate training in spirituality, somatic experiential therapy, attachment therapy, and solution-focused family therapy.

Office Location

3345 Grand Ave., Suite 1
Oakland, CA 94610

Justin Hartery, couples therapist in Oakland
Justin Hartery, MFTi

I am here to help you learn how to communicate your needs, desires, and emotions in a way that helps you get met and feel heard. It is my job to help you better understand and express yourself in ways that support satisfying connection and authentic expression in your relationship to yourself and others. It is my job to help each of you better understand and express yourself in relationship to one another in ways that support satisfying contact, authentic connection, deepened intimacy and a fulfilling sex life. By providing a safe space and offering tools to negotiate differences and resolve conflict, I can help you each access the inherent resources already alive inside you and overcome whatever is in the way of the relationship you desire.

Working together as your guide and ally, I offer a grounded and engaging presence that can be both compassionate and supportive as well as directive and challenging. Whether there is a chapter in your relationship that’s coming to an end or you are on the threshold of a new beginning, you’ll both need to know where you want to go. Within each partner as well as the relationship itself, I look for what wants support and acceptance and what wants to grow and evolve, all the while helping you each to become a better support for the other.

My approach is rooted in body psychology, which means that I work within a holistic frame that is focused on the direct experience of how life is lived through the body and how this informs our sense of Self. Therapy is about relationship. I see this work as a play between the survival based instinctual responses to our physiology, our emotional centers of relating and our cognitive capacities for reasoning and meaning making. Our experience of wholeness becomes possible when each of these fundamental aspects of our being are allowed due attention, care and expression. My perspective is deeply influenced by Formative Psychology, Emotionally focused Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Hakomi, mindfulness, social justice, shamanism, Eastern and indigenous wisdom traditions and life itself.

Office Location

4797 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

Raia Kogan, couples therapist in San Francisco
Raia Kogan, MFT

Falling in love is one of the most profound experiences of an adult life. Grounding this incredible wave of emotions and experiences into a sustainable and secure relationship with lasting emotional intimacy and sexual passion is a challenge for many couples. Old wounds and traumas can emerge alongside deepening connection and vulnerability. Having a skilled therapist at any stage of a relationship can make a huge difference. Raia believes that a deeply nourishing and satisfying relationship is possible even when there has been past wounding and trauma and feels continually honored to share in and support deeply intimate and tender moments with the couples she serves.

Working together, you will enter a supportive container where she will remind and guide you to slow down, breathe, reconnect with your body, and connect with your deepest desires and longings. You will learn tools to communicate with each other in a more intimate way, to listen to and speak from your heart, and also to receive your partner more fully.

Raia has been working with individuals and couples for 8 years and has completed several advanced trainings in couples therapy, attachment theory, neuroscience, somatics, trauma, and sexuality. She enjoys blending the art and science of psychotherapy, studying evidence-based approaches, and also honoring the deep mystery of the human heart and mind. Her work is informed by two decades of personal practice of yoga and meditation as well as many years of teaching. Raia is experienced in working with diverse couples including LQBTQI, monogamous, and polyamorous couples.

Office Location

3945 Opal Street
Oakland, CA 94609

Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo, couples therapist in San Francisco
Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo, MFTi

Yes, there is hope. Although it may be hard for you to believe it right now, I have witnessed how couples can work through difficult crises. The end of the honeymoon does not mean the beginning of the end. With commitment and support, fights, lies, and silences can be turned into supportive conversations. Your relationship can become the safe haven you hoped for, a supportive environment where love and growth can take place. You can learn to be in relationship.

Sergio is a bilingual (Spanish) and bicultural psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience as a therapist, consultant, and coach specialized in diverse couples with mixed backgrounds (nationality, race, religion, age, culture, styles, points of view…) working with them to disentangle personal, existential, relational and family crises. He helps clients with communication issues, infidelity, lack of sexual desire, anger, mixed agendas, money quarrels and problems with children and in-laws; supporting them to get more out of life and their relationship. His work includes all dimensions: body, mind, spirit, heart, and culture, in the context of nature and community.

Sergio is not only a psychotherapist but a trainer of psychotherapists, teaching couples counseling at the California Institute of Integral Studies, holding MAs in Integral Psychotherapy and Comparative Psychology from CIIS in California, an LLM from Warwick University in the UK, a JD from the UAQ in Mexico, and Psycho-Spirituality Studies from the Sadhana Institute in India.

Office Location

1918 Bonita Ave., second floor (Suite 203)
Berkeley CA 94707

Erika Bennett, MFTi, couples counselor in Berkeley
Erika Bennett, MFTi

Erika approaches the therapeutic relationship from a somatic (meaning “of the body”) orientation and taking a 360-degree point of view of who you are emotionally, intellectually, physically, sexually, energetically, spiritually, materially, cosmologically (you name it!) with genuine curiosity and acceptance. In working with you as a couple, we explore the dynamics of what makes your relationship tick and what keeps it out of balance. We learn how to use this information as a rocketship of empowerment in healing old wounds, developing a relationship with yourself—first and foremost—and therefore creating a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship between you and your partner.

Erika draws from her education and training in somatic psychology, business management, design and architecture, dance, athletics, authentic movement, Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples.

Many of the people who come to work with her are actively seeking change and support in who they are as couples, as individuals, as those on a healing path, a spiritual path, or just on a path to living a more peaceful and integrated life of wholeness.

Office Location

1918 Bonita Ave., second floor (Suite 203)
Berkeley CA 94707

Taneille Smith, MFT, Berkeley couples counselor
Taneille Smith, MFT

Taneille knows firsthand how challenging it can be for a couple to reach out and seek help from a counselor. Having been in couples therapy herself, she can empathize with what it’s like to be sitting in “the hot seat.” To reveal what goes on behind closed doors can feel scary, but the benefits of this kind of vulnerability are tremendous. When a couple risks this kind of vulnerability, the payoff can be so much more than they had imagined.

Taneille sees conflicts within couples as openings and opportunities. If you can listen just below the surface, a couples conflict is often a longing for connection; thus, conflict is an opportunity to deepen connection—it’s a couples doorway should they chose to enter it. A lot of couples view conflict as a problem and try to avoid it because it’s threatening in some way. Taneille understands how tremendously powerful it can be to have the help of a skilled professional in revealing the opportunities and openings behind the conflict.

At the core of Taneille’s work is truth and authenticity. This translates into a very down-to-earth style that welcomes all dimensions of human experience. A Hakomi-trained therapist, she believes that the most lasting change comes through offering couples new experiences, rather than explanations. She is also heavily influenced by Buddhist and nondual teachings that she infuses in a practical way into her work with couples. Her greatest teachers have been her family, her husband, and her daughter.

Office Location

The Market Hall Building
5655 College Avenue, Ste. 316A
Oakland, CA 94618

Eitan Saenger, MFTi, Berkeley couples counselor
Eitan Saenger, MFTi

Eitan is passionate about intimate relationships. He has a warm, interactive, and effective counseling style. He offers practical tools to deal with the challenges that committed relationships often present. With an empathic approach, he works toward creating a safe environment that supports each partner to communicate authentically. Eitan aims to help couples negotiate resolutions that are mutually satisfying where no one “gives up” or “gives in” to the other, but rather, finds their own unique balance between intimate connection and autonomous self-expression. Working experientially, Eitan helps couples become more aware of their limiting patterns, guiding them in creating new, more satisfying ways of interacting.

Eitan has a master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from California Institute of Integral Studies. He has completed trainings in both the Comprehensive Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy Method and Psychophysical Therapy for Couples. Eitan resides in the East Bay with his wife and his son.

Office Location

1918 Bonita Ave., second floor (Suite 203)
Berkeley CA 94707